Kido Shuu

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Kido Shuu
Kido Shuu
Kanji/Kana 城戸 シュウ
Dub Name Jim Kido[N 1]
Partner Digimon Unknown[1]
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Kido Shin (older brother)
Kido Jo (younger brother)
Unnamed nephew
Voice Actor Japanese Kikuchi Masami (菊池正美)
English Doug Erholtz

Kido Shuu is a supporting character in Digimon Adventure 02.


Shuu is the younger brother of Kido Shin and older brother of Kido Jo.

In 2002, he is a student in Kyoto University. Initially, he was studying medicine, but switched his major to anthropology after attending one of Takenouchi Haruhiko's anthropology lectures. He has a keen interest in Digimon and has helped the Chosen Children multiple times.

Sometime in 2003, he becomes a Chosen Child and gets his own partner Digimon. [2]



Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

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Digimon Adventure 02: Original Story 2003 -Spring-[edit]

Mentioned only.

Digimon Adventure 15th Blu-ray BOX Special Drama CD ~Digimon Mystery File: The Liberation of the Millennial Seal~[edit]

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References Notes
  1. In the English dub, he and Shin are combined into one character named Jim Kido.