Ichijouji Osamu

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Ichijouji Osamu
Ichijouji Osamu
Kanji/Kana 一乗寺 治
Dub Name Sam Ichijouji
Age 11 (death)
Family Mother and father (Unnamed), Ichijouji Ken (Younger brother)
Voice Actor Japanese Paku Romi (朴 璐美)
English Kirby Morrow





Osamu Ichijouji is Ken's deceased older brother. He was about three years older than Ken. Osamu was exceptionally intelligent and touted as a genius since he was young; his academic performance and good behavior were the subject of admiration and envy, which made his parents and brother very proud of him.

When they were younger, Osamu and Ken got along quite well. The brothers had a habit of blowing bubbles from their balcony, with Osamu making the soap water and straw for his younger brother. He would also praise Ken's talent for making large soap bubbles, lamenting that he wasn't as gentle as his younger brother. However, as the boys grew older, Ken felt that he was often overlooked and neglected by his parents completely in favor of Osamu, and he grew jealous and resentful of his older brother. Meanwhile, Osamu grew colder and more distant from Ken. Both Ken and his parents later reflected that Osamu was often in a bad mood, and suspected he may have not enjoyed studying as much as they thought and would have liked to enjoy his childhood more.

In August 2000, while the brothers were sitting in their room, a Digivice which was meant for Ken came out of Osamu's computer. Osamu, thinking it was meant for him, put the Digivice in his desk drawer. While he was away from their room, Ken took the Digivice and was transported to the Digital World. When Osamu returned and found Ken holding the Digivice, he slapped the device out of his brother's hand and berated Ken for touching his property without permission, before ordering him to leave the room to allow him to focus on his studies.

Upset and envious of his brother having everything while he had nothing, Ken wanted nothing more than for Osamu to disappear. Tragically, not long after, Osamu ended up getting hit by a car and dying. Ken was full of sorrow, thinking his wishes were the reason Osamu died. He dedicated himself to his studies, in an attempt to help his parents fill the void created by Osamu's death.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Ken's appearance as the Digimon Kaiser was subconsciously inspired by his older brother, with spiky light blue hair and sunglasses resembling Osamu's glasses.

When Belial Vamdemon used his Mind Illusion attack to trap the Chosen Children in their own dreams, Ken saw an illusory version of Osamu, who told him he had suffered enough and paid for his sins. However, Wormmon then appeared in Osamu's place and reminded Ken that he shouldn't be stuck in the past and had things he wanted to do now, allowing Ken to break free of the illusion.

Digimon Adventure 02 Original Story: 2003 -Spring-[edit]

In the spring of 2003, Ken reminisced about his and Osamu's relationship, how the brothers were never allowed to play freely before, and how he has surpassed his brother in age, but could never surpass Osamu. He resolved to stop dwelling on the things he couldn't do and start working on things he can do in the future, and thanked Osamu.

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