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Inoue Miyako
Inoue Miyako
Kanji/Kana 井ノ上 京
Dub Name Yolei Inoue
Age 12 (02)
15 (tri.)
20 (Last Evolution Kizuna)
School Odaiba Elementary
Partner Digimon Hawkmon
Digivice Red/White D-3
Digimental(s) Love, Purity
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Inoue Mantarou (older brother)
Inoue Momoe (older sister)
Inoue Chizuru (older sister)
Ichijouji Ken (husband)
Unnamed daughter
Two unnamed sons
Voice Actor Japanese Natsuki Rio (夏樹 リオ), Asai Ayaka (朝井 彩加) (Last Evolution Kizuna)
English Tifanie Christun

Inoue Miyako is one of the protagonists of Digimon Adventure 02.


Miyako is a passionate, dynamic person. She is stubborn, cheeky and impulsive who will rarely back down on an opinion. She is very sincere and true to her feelings, to the point where she is often unaware of others or how her feelings are affecting them. However, she is by nature a compassionate and generous person. She has a knack for technology, and is Izumi Koushirou's successor as the president of Odaiba Elementary's Computers Club.

Miyako is the youngest in a large family, consisting of herself, her parents, her eldest brother Mantarou and her elder sisters, Momoe and Chizuru. The family owns a small convenience store, Ai-Mart, from which Miyako often obtains food for the Chosen.



Digimon Adventure: Our War Game![edit]

Miyako first encountered Digimon on March 2000. She was one of the many viewers around the world who watched the final battle between Omegamon and Diablomon on the Internet. It was then when Miyako was chosen to fight for the Digital World in the future.

Between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Around 2001, the Inoue family moved to a new building in Odaiba; they located their convenience store in the first floor of the building. After moving to their new apartment, Miyako met and befriended Hida Iori, a quiet boy three years her junior.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

In 2002, on the first day of school, Miyako and Iori met Takaishi Takeru, their new neighbor. On the same day, they received D-3s, along with a boy named Motomiya Daisuke, and found out that they were Chosen Children, much like Takeru and his old friend Yagami Hikari. On the next day, Miyako traveled with the others to the Digital World, where she received her partner, Hawkmon, as well as the Digimental of Love. With her fellow Chosen Children, he started fighting to free the Digital World from the clutches of the Digimon Kaiser.

As soon as Miyako met Tachikawa Mimi, the spunky veteran Chosen Child became Miyako's idol. On one occasion, when a Digital Gate opened in America, Mimi brought another Chosen Child with her, an American boy named Michael, who bailed the Japanese Chosen out of having to pay Digitamamon for the food they ordered with menial work. Miyako was suspicious of Digitamamon, who claimed he had changed, and couldn't understand why Mimi trusted him. Her opinion changed when an Evil Ringed Gorimon attacked the group and Digitamamon stood in the way of his attack, protecting the children. When Digitamamon returned, however, he acted cruelly and even attacked Mimi. Miyako burst at Digitamamon, telling him exactly what she thought about him all along, which prompted the Digimental of Purity to rise from the earth. Miyako activated the Digimental to evolve Hawkmon to Shurimon, and he defeated Digitamamon, releasing him from the Evil Ring that took over him.

When the Chosen Children went to camp in the Digital World to defeat the Kaiser once and for all, Miyako was determined to find the Kaiser's base and defeat him as quickly as possible. However, in her recklessness, she almost got poisoned by a Dokugumon. Hawkmon, who protected her, got poisoned instead, and once he was healed, a remorseful Miyako apologized to him, promising to not endanger her friends in her enthusiasm.

After the Digimon Kaiser was defeated and became Ken again, the Chosen were shocked to see him order Stingmon to kill a Thunderballmon in cold blood. Though Daisuke was convinced Ken has changed, his killing of a Digimon made her think otherwise. The next day, a Golemon appeared at a dam on the order of a mysterious woman, and tried to destroy it. Only when Ken appeared and had Stingmon attack the Golemon with full force did they realize that the Golemon was a fake Digimon. Realizing that the Thunderballmon from before was fake as well, Miyako's trust in Ken was renewed, and with that, Hawkmon evolved to Aquilamon and destroyed Golemon with Stingmon's help. After this, Miyako put much time and energy into getting closer to Ken and making him feel wanted on the team.

When Miyako was sucked into the influence of the World of Darkness with Hikari and Ken, she felt left out and kept making off-color remarks. When she lamented this after causing Hikari and herself to fall from a cliff, Hikari slapped her to get her out of her funk, which caused them both a bit of a shock. Miyako later slapped Hikari when the darkness got the better of her, insisting that Hikari is stronger than that. When the two admitted that they want to be a little more like each other, their hearts were as one, and Aquilamon and Tailmon Jogressed into Silphymon.

On Christmas Eve, Miyako went to Ken's Christmas party with the rest of the younger Chosen, although it ended abruptly as they had to send rampaging Digimon back to the Digital World and destroy a Dark Tower. The next day, the Chosen Children found out that Digital Gates were open in the entire world. Qinglongmon gave the Chosen Children one of his Digicores to help power up the Digimon, and Miyako went with Sora to Russia to help the Russian Chosen Children round up the wild Digimon who had appeared in the Real World.

Back in Japan, the children had to fend off the Demon Corps, a group of evil Digimon led by Demon, as well as Archnemon, Mummymon and their boss, the human Oikawa Yukio. She had to face reality as Lady Devimon of the Demon Corps attacked a teenage boy, threatening to kill him. Miyako struck the dark Digimon with the teen's skateboard, prompting Lady Devimon to release him from her clutches. As Lady Devimon turned on her, Silphymon was forced to destroy the demonic Digimon to prevent her from killing Miyako. Afterwards, she and the other children helped Ken open a gate to the World of Darkness and banished Demon through the gate. However, Oikawa managed to run away. In his wake, he left twenty children, who had Dark Seeds sown into their necks.

Miyako and the others followed the seeded children for the following days, facing Oikawa several times. On December 31st, they followed Oikawa and the children to the world of dreams, where it was revealed that Oikawa Yukio was possessed by the spirit of Belial Vamdemon, who absorbed the power of the Dark Seeds in the seeded children's necks to gain a corporeal form. He killed Archnemon and Mummymon, which shocked and frightened Miyako and the others. When Daisuke and XV-mon started fighting back, Belial Vamdemon subjected the children to an illusion, showing their greatest desire. Miyako's fantasy was for her mother to make a large feast of sweets and cakes, just for Miyako; this symbolized Miyako's desire to receive full attention for once, without having to share it with her siblings. However, it was broken by Hawkmon's explanation that it wasn't real, and Lighdramon appeared to take her back to the other kids. When everyone's illusions were broken, Miyako used the power of the dream dimension against Belial Vamdemon, with Holsmon, Shurimon, Aquilamon and Silphymon appearing all at once to fight Belial Vamdemon. After Belial Vamdemon escaped to the Digital World, the light from her D-3 helped weaken Belial Vamdemon and power up Imperialdramon Fighter Mode's Giga Death cannon.

Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals[edit]

Diablomon Strikes Back[edit]

Miyako was sent with Hikari to collect Kuramon that Diablomon sent to Earth. They parted when it was decided that Hikari will go into the Internet to help defeat Diablomon, and made her way to the Rainbow Bridge, the first to arrive. There, she watched as all of the Kuramon fused into Armagemon, and the following battle.

25 Years Later[edit]

By the year 2027, Miyako has married Ken and become a mother, taking care of their three children - a daughter with blue hair who is partnered with a Poromon, a son with purple hair who is partnered with a Minomon, and a baby with darker purple hair who is partnered with a Leafmon. She was said to be on maternity leave to raise her children until they grew a little older. [1]

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Ikuto, Ravemon, Miyako and Aquilamon in DigiQuartz.

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