Hoi Brothers

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Hoi Brothers
Hoi Brothers
Kanji/Kana ホイ三兄弟
Dub Name Poi Brothers
Partner Digimon Shakomon
Digivice Digivices
Voice Actor Japanese Youngest: Kiuchi Reiko (木内 レイコ)
Middle: Noda Junko (野田 順子)
Oldest: Kazama Yūto (風間 勇刀)
English Youngest: Dan Lorge
Middle: Jonathan Fahn
Oldest: Kirk Thornton

The three Hoi Brothers are minor characters in Digimon Adventure 02.


Three Chosen Child siblings from Hong Kong, each partnered with a Shakomon. They develop a crush on Hikari upon their meeting. Interestingly, though they state they are unable to understand Japanese they speak it frequently during their appearance.


Kanji/Kana シャコモン
Dub Name Syakomon
Human Partner Hoi Brothers
Voice Actor Japanese Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井 孝宏), Tokumitsu Yuka (徳光 由禾), Yoshida Konami (吉田 小南美)
English ?

The three Shakomon are the Hoi Brothers' Partner Digimon.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Shakomon
Adult Octmon
Perfect ?
Ultimate ?



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