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Kanji/Kana ゲンナイ
Dub Name Gennai
Voice Actor Japanese Yanami Jouji (八奈見 乗児) (Adventure), Hirata Hiroaki (平田 広明) (02)
English Mike Reynolds (Adventure), Jeff Nimoy (02,tri.)

Gennai is a supporting character in Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Adventure tri..


Gennai is a mysterious being that dwells within the Digital World. The Chosen Children first encounter him after the battle with Devimon.



Digimon Adventure[edit]

Gennai appeared first to the Chosen Children as a very old man, but when Hikari is possessed by the powers of light and gives them a glimpse of the history of the Digital World, he is seen as a young man wearing robes and a hood, apparently one among many of his kind. Gennai and his group were the ones that created the Digivices, Tags, and Crests, as well as the Partner Digimon.

Soon, however, the Dark Masters discovered their plans, and Piemon, along with an army of Guardromon and Mechanorimon, invaded and destroyed the secret base, killing all save Gennai. Piemon stole the Tags and Crests, but Gennai interrupted him by attacking him. Piemon inserted a mysterious black ball in Gennai, and Gennai leapt into a Mechanorimon, taking all of the Digivices and Digitamas aside from Tailmon's, which he lost.

At some point after Digimon Adventure, Gennai called the Chosen Children back into the Digital World to ask them to give up the power of their Crests to add another layer of protection to the Digital World, which they did. He did not appear again until the second series, where he appeared as a young man. It is thought that he accomplished this by copying himself, as many more of his kind later appeared in the series, and one of them stated that he and Gennai were once one and the same. It is possible that the people seen with him in the flashback in the first series were also copies of the original Gennai and he is in fact, a single entity.

Throughout the first and second series, Gennai takes a backstage role to helping the Chosen Children. He calls them to the Server Continent to defeat Etemon, he helps them get through Vamdemon's interdimensional gate, he gives Izumi Koushirou a Digital Barrier program, and he tells them of the existence of Apocalymon, the final enemy.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

In the second series, Gennai resurfaces younger than ever and aids them during the World Tour arc and caused the eight original Digimon to regain their ability to Super Evolve to Perfect thanks to one of Qinglongmon's Digicores, which allows Paildramon to become Imperialdramon. He has counterparts in the locations that the Chosen Children were taken to by Imperialdramon. He appears at the end, returning to Tailmon her lost Holy Ring, which he explains was used to enable Jogress Evolving.

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