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Kanji/Kana D-ターミナル
Dub Name D-Terminal

The D-Terminal (D-(ディー)ターミナル D-Tāminaru) is a model of handheld communications device that is used by the Chosen Children in Digimon Adventure 02.



Due to the implementation of a new wireless network as part of the reconstruction of Odaiba, D-Terminals were distributed to children who resided in the area in early 2002 on a trial basis. That they would become indispensible to Motomiya Daisuke's group of Chosen Children later that year was never expected.[1][2]


The D-Terminal is a small, handheld computer of a similar size to a late-90s/early-2000s palmtop computer or personal digital assistant. It is controlled with two buttons, a directional pad, and a power button. Its left edge is fitted with a black grip, similar to that of a Sharp Zaurus,[2] and its screen is covered by a flap which is branded with the "D" logo of the Digimon Link System.[2]

The D-Terminal is battery-powered,[3] and the batteries are inserted into a compartment on its back.[2]

The D-Terminal has four input ports: a 3.5mm headphone jack, a PS/2 port, a FireWire port, and a USB port. They are used to connect with computers and digital cameras.[2]


  • Sending and receiving emails from other D-Terminal units,[4] or other types of computers,[3] using the MAIL client
  • Storing the data of one or more Digimentals which the owner has collected[3]
    • Transmitting a Digimental's data to the user's D-3, in response to receiving the D-3's signal, to manifest the Digimental[2] for use in Armor Evolution[5]
  • Providing information about different areas in the Digital World[6]
  • Detecting the distortions caused by Black War Greymon, and plotting their location on a map (program implemented by Izumi Kōshirō)[7]

D-3s can also be physically plugged into D-Terminals.[7]

The Mail client.
The distortion detector program; the D-Terminal is also plugged into Inoue Miyako's D-3, which is also running said program.




Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

A D-Terminal in use by Yagami Taichi.

As of the start of the 2002 school year, many of the Japanese Chosen Children, both present and future, already owned D-Terminals. Yagami Taichi has his on him when he enters the Digital World to respond to Agumon's distress signal, and he uses it to call for help from the others. During Motomiya Daisuke's first trip into the Digital World in response to Taichi's call, once Fladramon devolves into V-mon following Daisuke's first use of the Digimental of Courage, the Digimental is automatically stored in Daisuke's D-Terminal.[3] That D-Terminals could be used for storing Digimental data had not been anticipated at all by the Four Holy Beasts—who had arranged for the Digimentals to be made available to Daisuke's new group of Chosen Children—and meant that the Chosen Children would not be limited to only using one Digimental each as they had originally expected, so they arranged to make additional Digimentals available to the group as well as necessary to take advantage of this.[14]

Going forward, the Chosen Children routinely use their D-Terminals to communicate amongst themselves between both worlds, including to make plans for trips into the Digital World,[15] to summon each other to meetings at the computer room,[16] to stay in contact during missions,[10] to call for help,[13] and to receive external mission support from, usually, Izumi Kōshirō.[17]

Inoue Miyako develops an interest in modding the D-Terminal to expand its protocol beyond the devices' stock features, such as adding the capacity for real-time communication between the worlds.[18] She succeeds in expanding the devices' functionality.[19] Kōshirō also implements a new program, to map Black War Greymon's distortions, during their race to stop it from destroying the Holy Stones.[7]

As he begins to reform following the defeat of his Digimon Kaiser persona, D-Terminals are the primary means by which the Chosen Children initially reach out to Ichijouji Ken. Miyako has his email address, and Tachikawa Mimi insists on using her D-Terminal to call for his help against the Dark Tower Golemon; after the destruction of the Golemon, Miyako sends his D-Terminal an expression of gratitude and an invitation to overcome his hesitance and join the group as he leaves.[12] D-Terminals are also the primary means by which the other five members of Daisuke's team keep in contact with Ken, due to both the remoteness of his home from theirs and his initial tendency to work alone.[20][7]

Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 1: Digimon Hurricane Landing!![edit]

During his beach holiday with Inoue Miyako and Hida Iori, Motomiya Daisuke has his D-Terminal with him. Yagami Hikari emails him about the incident with Wallace and Chocomon in New York City and requests his and the others' help; when his D-Terminal alerts him to the email, he excitedly rushes to it to hear what Hikari has to say.

Digimon Adventure tri[edit]

When the Chosen Children gather at Tokyo Big Sight to enter the Digital World, Himekawa Maki presents the Chosen Children with a D-Terminal, as well as Ichijouji Ken's D-3. Following the findings of the National Data Processing Bureau, they synchronize the powers of their Crests with the devices to open a Digital Gate; during this process, the D-Terminal is hooked up to Izumi Kōshirō's laptop.[21]

Himekawa Maki with a D-Terminal.

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning[edit]

Motomiya Daisuke's D-Terminal is briefly seen in a cabinet, alongside several pairs of glasses, his original goggles, and his D-3.

Motomiya Daisuke's goggles, D-Terminal and D-3

Drama CDs[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: Armor Evolution to the Unknown[edit]

When Pukumon reveals itself to the Chosen Children, Kido Jou accidentally runs into the other Chosen Children, causing them to all drop their D-Terminals.[22] The Chosen Children hurriedly grab D-Terminals in order to save Jou from Pukumon, with no knowledge of whose is whose, and end up using D-Terminals and Digimentals other than their own:[23]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers[edit]

The D-Terminal is a key item that is present in Akiyama Ryo's inventory from the beginning of the game. It is also added to Ichijouji Ken's inventory later in the game, after Ryo has cleared the Death Crevasse 2 dungeon. It has two functions:

  • Reference Book 「ずかん」: Provides profiles of all Digimon in the game; a given Digimon must have already been obtained by the player (marked on the menu by its Evolution Stage, Attribute, Type and Origin being filled in) before its profile may be read
  • Dungeon 「ダンジョン」: Provides maps of dungeons; each individual dungeon's map requires that the player purchase one of 27 corresponding "Installer" items after clearing the corresponding dungeon

Elecmon also hosts the D-Terminal Colosseum facility, located in a pyramid in the north of the Ocean Contnent, in which the player may link to a Japanese D-Terminal LCD toy to battle, trade Digimon, or trade Digimentals. It opens to the player once Ryo has cleared the Water Cave 2 dungeon.

Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers[edit]

The D-Terminal is a key item that is present in Akiyama Ryo's inventory from the beginning of the game. It has four functions:

  • Reference Book 「ずかん」: Provides profiles of all Digimon in the game; a given Digimon must have already been obtained by the player (marked on the menu by its Evolution Stage, Attribute, Type and Origin being filled in) before its profile may be read
  • Dungeon 「ダンジョン」: Provides maps of the dungeons which the player has visited
  • Evolution 「しんか」: Displays charts tracking a given party Digimon's evolution history; Ichijouji Ken provides commentary and advice about the Digimon's past and potential future evolution
  • Advice 「アドバイス」 Ken provides hints and tips about the player's next tasks and destinations

Elecmon also hosts the D-Terminal Colosseum facility on level 4 of the Village of Beginnings' Colosseum building, in which the player may link to a Japanese D-Terminal LCD toy to battle, trade Digimon, or trade Digimentals.

Virtual Pets[edit]

D-Terminal Toy[edit]

Bandai produced a toy version of the D-Terminal for the Japanese market. It is a database companion to the D-3 toy and other virtual pets. In addition to its database functionality, which the player expands through playing minigames, battles, or connection to other devices, it can also be used to create Digimental items to be sent to the D-3 toy or certain WonderSwan games.

D-Terminal Toy (International)[edit]

Bandai America produced a separate D-Terminal toy for non-Japanese markets, as a companion to its own D-3 toy. Although it has many of the same functions as, and has a very similar shell to, its Japanese counterpart, its programming is entirely different and there are major differences between their respective Digimon databases.


Hyper Colosseum

Image Gallery[edit]


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Digimon Adventure 02

Video Games[edit]

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Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers

Additional Information[edit]

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