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The D-3 is the an electronic pet based off of the D-3 digivice from Digimon Adventure 02. D-3 stands for Digimon, Detect & Discover:

  • Digimon - You battle your Digimon throughout the Areas beating the enemy Digimon. None of Digimon has a default type; it changes based on battling and training. Vaccine = morning, Data = afternoon, and Virus = night.
  • Detect - The D-3 has an antenna, which is used to seek out other D-3s. The same antenna is used for the Digimon Help wave.
  • Discover - With this Antenna you discover Digimental by trying to detect one near an electronic signal (TVs and Radios work well). You can use any Digimental on any Digimon without restrictions.

In each version of the Digimon D-3s you have access to only two Digimon. Version 1 is Veemon/Wormmon and their evolutions, Version 2 is Hawkmon/Tailmon and evolutions, and Version 3 is Armadimon/Patamon. The D-3s allow you to connect to the D-Terminal, just like the Digivice allows you to connect to the Digimon Analyzer. In the D-3s you have the ability to Armor evolve as well as Jogress to evolve further. Progressing through the Area's requires you to take 'Steps' which in turn is a mini pendulum clicking on the inside of the toy. Gather more Digimentals and Jogress to evolve into higher levels. Keep it attached to your belt and as you walk (or shake it manually) the counter will decrease leading you to the boss of the Area. Beat the bosses to progress in the game.


Version Release Date Digimon
D-3 Version 1 June 18, 2000 V-monXV-monPaildramonImperialdramonFladramonLighdramonMagnamonSetmonYaksamonHoneybeemonDepthmonSagittarimonGargomonKangaroomon

WormmonStingmonDinobeemonGran KuwagamonShadramonTogemogumonKongoumonOwlmonNohemonSearchmonArchelomonBullmonCoatlmonPuchiemon

D-3 Version 2 September 18, 2000 HawkmonAquilamonSilphymonValkyrimonAllomonRinkmonPeacockmonHolsmonShurimonFlybeemonOrcamonMoosemonHarpymonToucanmon


D-3 Version 3 December 2000 ArmadimonAnkylomonShakkoumonVikemonBoarmonSepikmonElephamonPteramonFrogmonDigmonSubmarimonSheepmonSeahomonChamelemon

PatamonAngemonHoly AngemonSeraphimonBaromonStegomonRhinomonPipismonPonchmonMothmonMantaraymonPegasmonManbomonPrairiemon

D-3 Ver.15th June , 2016 V-monXV-monPaildramonImperialdramonImperialdramon_FigtermodeImperialdramon_PaladinFladramonLighdramonMagnamonSetmonYaksamonHoneybeemonDepthmonSagittarimon

GargomonKangaroomonWormmonStingmonDinobeemonGran KuwagamonShadramonTogemogumonKongoumonOwlmonNohemonSearchmonArchelomonBullmon




SeahomonChamelemonPatamonAngemonHoly AngemonSeraphimonBaromonStegomonRhinomonPipismonPonchmonMothmonMantaraymonPegasmon


Set-Up and Game Play[edit]

You get to choose a pair of digimon from the Digimon Adventure 02 series. Travel and battle with the digimon. Your digimon can Armor Evolve by finding Digimentals as you travel. You can evolve and Jogress evolve your two digimon as well.

D-3 Functions[edit]

A D-3 is capable of the following things: Digimon - Battle the enemy digimon in the area you are in. You will find Vaccine Digimon in the morning, Data Digimon in the afternoon and Virus Digimon at night. Detect - The D-3's antenna can detect other D-3s. Discover - The D-3 can find an electronic source where there are hidden Digimentals.

Battle Options[edit]

If you encounter a battle, these are the options:

  • Use Current Digimon: Once this option is selected your Digimon will attack. After 3 attacks, or when someone's Hit Points go down to zero - the battle is over (you lost if a skull appears).
  • Evolve: Your Digimon can either evolve normally or Armor evolve. You can only do this once per battle.
  • Quick Fight: If you select this, there will be no animations during the battle. The results are displayed at the end.


The right button will take you to a menu containing:

  • Digimentals: Scroll through the Digimentals you have.
  • Training: Train your Digimon.
  • Search: Searches the area for electronic sources so a Digimental can be found.
  • Communication: Battle, trade, or jogress with another D-3.
  • Battle Score: Shows your win/lose ratio.
  • Medical Treatment: Heals your Digimon if it gets injured in battle.

Button Functions[edit]

  • Left button: displays clock
  • A Button
    • Press once to see your active Digimon or choose another.
    • Press twice to see the menu for that Digimon.
  • Scroll through the digimon's stats using left and right buttons.
    • Digimentals: Scroll through your Digimon's Digimentals and choose one for battle.
    • Evolutions: Shows you Digimon's evolutions and stats for each of them.
  • B Button
    • Pressing once will display which area you are in.
    • Pressing twice will show how many more steps you have to take to clear that area.
    • Pressing three times will display how many steps you taken so far.

Image Gallery[edit]

D3 1.jpg D3 2.jpg D3 3.jpg D3 paildramon.jpg D3 vmon.jpg
Ver.V-MON V Blue
V Black
Ver.2 White&Red
Ver.3 White&Yellow
Ver.V-MON Paildramon Color Ver.V-MON Limited Edition


D3 ver1 1.jpg D3 ver1 2.jpg D3 ver2 1.jpg D3 ver2 2.jpg
D-3 Version 1 D-3 Version 1 D-3 Version 2 D-3 Version 2
D3 ver3 1.jpg D3 ver3 2.jpg D3 ver paildramon 1.jpg D3 ver paildramon 2.jpg
D-3 Version 3 D-3 Version 3 D-3 Version 1
(Paildramon Color)
D-3 Version 1
(Paildramon Color)
D3 ver limited 1.jpg D3 ver limited 2.jpg D3 collection.jpg
D-3 Version 1
(Limited Edition)
D-3 Version 1
(Limited Edition)


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