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The Digital Monster D-Cyber is the Bandai Asia equivalent of the Digimon Pendulum X virtual pet and doubles at the Digivice for the D-Cyber story line.


Version Release Date Digimon
D-Cyber Version 1.0 2004 DodomonDorimonDORUmonAgumon X-AntibodyDORUgamonRaptordramonGreymon X-AntibodySeadramon X-AntibodyKuwagamon X-AntibodyDORUguremonGrademonMetal Greymon X-AntibodyMega Seadramon X-AntibodyOkuwamon X-AntibodyDORUgoramonAlphamonWar Greymon X-AntibodyGiga SeadramonGrandis KuwagamonOmegamon X-Antibody
D-Cyber Version 2.0 2004 FufumonKyokyomonRyudamonGuilmon X-AntibodyGinryumonTobucatmonGrowmon X-AntibodyAllomon X-AntibodyMonochromon X-AntibodyHisyaryumonSkull BaluchimonMegalo Growmon X-AntibodyMame TyramonTriceramon X-AntibodyOuryumonDinotigemonMedieval DukemonDinorexmonUltimate BrachimonDukemon X-Antibody
D-Cyber Ultimate PupumonPuroromonDORUmonRyudamonFunbeemonRaptordramonGinryumonWaspmonOmekamonGrademonHisyaryumonCannonbeemonMetal FantomonAlphamonOuryumonTiger VespamonMetal PiranimonAlphamon OuryūkenOmegamon X-AntibodyDukemon X-AntibodyMagnamon X-AntibodyDynasmon X-AntibodyDeath-X-mon


  • D-cyber added a Clone feature to clone any digimon you ever raised to be used in battles. This feature is not available in Pendulum X.
  • TigerVespamon can be unlocked as a Playable partner in D-Spirit 2 by scanning it from D-cyber Ultimate Version.
  • The burst system in D-cyber Ultimate works differently from the Pendulum X since the different color lights are missing in the D-cyber version, instead there will be another dice rolls after the the first one to indicate burst level temporary evolution. Burst die roll are as follow, zero die roll is failed burst (not enough requirements to burst), 3 lights is orange level burst, and fully lit is the green burst level.


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