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Pendulum ver20 logo.png

Original Silver Black

Original Silver Blue
Series Digimon Pendulum
Version Ver.20th
Colors Original Silver Black
Original Silver Blue
Dukemon Color
Beelzebumon Color
Release Date 21 Jun 2018
Language Japanese
List of Virtual Pets
Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th (デジモンペンデュラム ver.20th Dejimon Pendyuramu ver.20th) is the remake of the original Digimon Pendulum Virtual Pet for the 20th Anniversary of the device. It contains all of the previous Digimon from the Pendulum generation Digimon Virtual Pet line but is not all obtainable in one device. The Pendulum generation are now divided into two halves and is exclusives to each specific device. It maintains most of the features from Digital Monster Ver.20th such as raising two Digimon at once but also adds a lot more new features such as Copymon appearing as a partner for each Digimon on screen and a pause option with a freezer. The Jogress features makes a comeback and is now able to even combine with copied Digimon. Same as the previous 20th, each color variation contain some exclusives Digimon which is unobtainable on different color.


There are 4 colors of the Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th, each of which have their own exclusive Digimon that can be acquired. Wave 1 consists of the Original Silver Black and the Original Silver Blue colors, while Wave 2 consists of the Dukemon and Beelzebumon colors. Six available eggs are based on the original six versions of the Digimon Pendulum, with version X.5 Digimon included in the same egg groups as the version X.0 Digimon. Additional Digimon that were not featured in the original versions were also added to the Wind Guardians and Virus Buster eggs. This table demonstrates which eggs are found on each color based on how they are unlocked.

Requirements Original Silver Black Original Silver Blue Dukemon Color Beelzebumon Color
Default 1.0/1.5 Nature Spirits 2.0/2.5 Deep Savers 2.0/2.5 Deep Savers 1.0/1.5 Nature Spirits
Reach Child Level 3.0/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers
5.0/5.5 Metal Empire
4.0/4.5 Wind Guardians
ZERO Virus Busters
4.0/4.5 Wind Guardians
ZERO Virus Busters
3.0/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers
5.0/5.5 Metal Empire
5 Digimon in Album Ver.20th Nightmare Soldiers Ver.20th Virus Busters Ver.20th Virus Busters Ver.20th Nightmare Soldiers
20 Digimon in Album Ludomon
35 Digimon in Album Terriermon Lopmon Dracomon Zubamon
Win 100 Battles DORUmon
Clear Single Battles Meicoomon Ryudamon Rydamon Meicoomon
Clear Tag Battles Vorvomon V-mon V-mon Vorvomon
Connect Wave 1
with Wave 2


Digitama Digimon
Pen1 vpet digitama.gif 1.0/1.5 Nature Spirits BubbmonMochimonTentomonGottsumonOtamamonKabuterimonTortamonMonochromonStarmonKuwagamonGekomonTailmonAtlur Kabuterimon (Blue)JyagamonTriceramonPiccolomonOokuwamonTonosama GekomonAngewomonHerakle KabuterimonSaber LeomonMetal EtemonHolydramon
Pen2 vpet digitama.gif 2.0/2.5 Deep Savers PitchmonPukamonGomamonGanimonShakomonIkkakumonRukamonSeadramonCoelamonGesomonOctmonEbidramonZudomonWhamon PerfectMega SeadramonAnomalocarimonMarin DevimonDagomonHangyomonMetal SeadramonMarin AngemonPukumonPlesiomon
Pen3 vpet digitama.gif 3.0/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers MokumonPeti MeramonBakumonCandmonPico DevimonHanumonGarurumonMeramonWizarmonDevimonBakemonDokugumonMammonWere GarurumonDeath MeramonPumpmonVamdemonFantomonLady DevimonSkull MammonBoltmonPiemonDemon
Pen4 vpet digitama.gif 4.0/4.5 Wind Guardians NyokimonPyocomonPiyomonFloramonMushmonPalmonV-dramonBirdramonTogemonKiwimonWoodmonRed VagimonAero V-dramonGarudamonBlossomonDelumonJyureimonGerbemonLilimonUlforce V-dramonHououmonGriffomonPinochimonRosemon
Pen5 vpet digitama.gif 5.0/5.5 Metal Empire ChoromonCaprimonToy AgumonKokuwamonHagurumonGreymonRevolmonTankmonClockmonGuardromonMechanorimonThunderballmonMetal GreymonAndromonKnightmonBig MamemonMegadramonWaru MonzaemonCyberdramonWar GreymonMetal GarurumonMugendramonVenom Vamdemon
Pen0 vpet digitama.gif ZERO Virus Busters Yukimi BotamonNyaromonAgumonGabumonPlotmonGreymonLeomonGarurumonIgamonAngemonTailmonMetal GreymonAsuramonWere GarurumonMetal MamemonHoly AngemonAngewomonWar GreymonMetal GarurumonSeraphimonOfanimon
Nightmare Soldiers 20th egg.gif Ver.20th Nightmare Soldiers ChoromonCaprimonImpmonPhascomonPorcupamonMad LeomonShadramonTroopmonAstamonBaalmonDark KnightmonBelphemon Rage ModeBeelzebumon
Virus Busters 20th egg.gif Ver.20th Virus Busters BotamonKoromonGuilmonBushi AgumonGrowmonReppamonArresterdramonManbomonMegalo GrowmonBeowulfmonRize GreymonDukemonDuftmon
Ludomon egg.gif Ludomon KotukomonKakkinmonLudomonTia LudomonRaiji LudomonBryweludramon
Lopmon vpet digitama.gif Terriermon ZerimonGummymonTerriermonGalgomonRapidmonSaint Galgomon
Lopmon vpet digitama.gif Lopmon CocomonChocomonLopmonTuruiemonAndiramonCherubimon
Dorumon vpet digitama.gif DORUmon DodomonDorimonDORUmonDORUgamonDORUguremonDORUgoramonAlphamon
Meicoomon pen egg.gif Meicoomon Yukimi BotamonNyaromonPlotmonMeicoomonMeicrackmon: Vicious ModeRaguelmon
Ryudamon egg.gif Ryudamon FufumonKyokyomonRyudamonGinryumonHisyaryumonOuryumon
Vorvomon egg.gif Vorvomon MokumonPeti MeramonVorvomonLavorvomonLavogaritamonVolcanicdramon
Veemon egg.gif V-mon ChicomonChibimonV-monXV-monV-dramonAero V-dramonUlforce V-dramon
Coredramon green vpet digitama.gif Dracomon PetitmonBabydmonDracomonAgumon HakaseCoredramon (Blue)Coredramon (Green)DevidramonWingdramonGroundramonMegadramonSlayerdramonBreakdramonDarkdramon
Zubamon vpet digitama.gif Zubamon SakumonSakuttomonZubamonHackmonZubaeagermonBao HackmonTargetmonDuramonSavior HackmonEtemonDurandamonJesmonJesmon (X-Antibody)Bancho Leomon
Lalamon vpet digitama.gif Lalamon NyokimonBudmonLalamonSunflowmonLilamonLotusmon
Jogress OmegamonOgudomonOrdinemonPaildramonImperialdramon: Fighter ModeVoltobautamonBeelzebumon: Blast ModeRagna LordmonAlphamon: OuryukenRafflesimonMastemonChaosmonExamonImperialdramon: Paladin Mode
Password MagnamonDynasmonCraniummonGankoomonLord KnightmonSleipmonOfanimon: Falldown ModeBeel StarmonStingmonSusanoomonApocalymonN.E.OHerissmonBlucomonSistermon Ciel
Unobtainable Sistermon BlancSistermon NoirLilithmonLeviamonBarbamonLucemon: Falldown ModeOmegamon Alter-SRust TyranomonGrace Novamon

Set Up and Gameplay[edit]

  • General
    • Press A and B at the same time on the "? EGG" or "COMPUTER" to choose a new egg. 2nd Egg will unlocked when your first Digimon evolves to Child Level.
    • Press A and C at the same time to mute sound. A and C can also be used to change the time on the clock menu.
    • Each times the Digimon evolves, all the previous counters will reset. This reset includes the amount of training/care mistake/injury/overfeed.
    • Winning percentage in battle plays an important role in natural evolution to the Perfect levels. Keep it at 80% and above for a higher chance of evolving.
  • Profile
    • Hunger: Used to check Digimon hunger meter, feed it meat to keep this meter full
    • Strength: Used to check Digimon strength meter, feed it pills or go train to keep this meter full
    • Effort: 4 Succesful training fills 1 effort meter. The effort meter is permanent for each level and is important for evolution route to Adult level.
    • DP: DP is needed to battle and jogress. This meter can be filled either by forcing pills, a full sleep or put in freezer for a few hours.
    • Battles and Jogress: Battles are represented with B and Jogress is represented with J. if it is able the 'O' sign will appear, if it cant the 'X' sign will appear instead.
  • Training
    • Only successful training are counted. Successful tag training counts for both Digimon.
    • You can press B to skip the training animation after the count screen.
    • Tag training, shake count follows the first Digimon that appears on screen.
  • In Game Battles
    • You may continue to fight tougher battles up to 100 stages by choosing 'NEXT'
    • choosing 'START' will reset back to stage 1, this is useful if you're aiming for high win percentage.
  • Copy Feature and Copymon
    • Copied Digimon will appear as Copymon and is able to join in tag battle and Jogress if compatible.
    • It will also not be registered into your album.
    • Players can send a copy of any Digimon that they have in their album, even if it has passed away or Joggressed.
    • You can access Gigahit if you have a compatible Digimon partnered up.
  • Jogress
    • Digimon can only Jogress if it has a full DP meter.
    • For the time being Jogress chart is not yet fully confirmed as some of the evolution route has been reworked from the 1998 versions.
    • Copied Digimon from Digital Monster ver.20th can also used for Jogress. But the copied Digimon will be gone once it has Jogressed.
  • Pass
    • A new feature has been added in which you can input a specific 6 digit code and obtain up to 10 exclusive Digimon as a copy Digimon.
    • This exclusive Digimon includes Magnamon, Stingmon and Susanoomon.
    • Digimon such as Stingmon are important since it is currently the only known way to access the route to Imperialdramon.
    • Bandai will slowly release the code through different medium such as the anime, games and online promotion. Currently no codes has been released yet.
  • Cold/Freezer Feature
    • If you put Digimon to sleep outside of its sleeping time, the Digimon will be freezed inside a freezer.
    • During freezer mode evolution time is freezed and Digimon will be safe from care mistake.
    • Full DP will also recover within a few hours of freezer mode.
  • Evolution Guide
    • A community guide has been developed by humulos, which contains evolution charts for all of the egg groups.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Traited Egg
    • A traited Egg increase the natural evolution percentage by 10% each time. To obtain traited egg, the Digimon must at least lived a few days (2 days minimum) after evolution. Also try to fill the effort meter and do a couple of battles. This usually will result in Traited Egg in which the Digimon will leave a new Egg instead of a computer grave when it time to fade.
  • Avoiding Dying
    • You can cheat death if you continuously shake during the death animation theme, the Digimon will revive afterwards. This can be done continuously without limit as long as the shake counts is consistent and fast enough throughout the death theme.
  • Avoiding Care Mistake
    • You can avoid care mistakes by changing the time to night time and let it sleep. Evolution is not halted during sleep time this is a great method to evolve manually from Perfect to Ultimate level for vaccine ultimate level.
  • Filling DP meter
    • 4 pills will restore 1 DP, but once the Digimon has reach 99g weight it will become sick. once you heal it, go back to the pill menu and feed it to full DP. This is only recommended during urgent times.
  • Motion Sensor Shakes
    • Pendulum 20th features a motion sensor shake, so the clanking sound during shakes does not indicates the number of counts but your motion is counted. When the counting screen appears, you can hear a little beep at the end which signals the end of counting shake. So if you are aiming for a specific shake number,those numbers need to be hit before the beep is heard.
  • Typing Shake Count
    • Ultimate level Megahit shake counts depends on their typing, and Vaccine type usually need an exact shakes of either 6,7 or 8 for a Megahit. Data Type usually around 14-20 depending on the Digimon (this is really hard to get exact). While the easiest is Virus and Free type which just needs you go above 20+ shakes, so just shake as fast as you could.


War Greymon + Metal Garurumon = Omegamon
Demon + Belphemon = Ogudomon
Raguelmon + Ofanimon: Falldown Mode = Ordinemon
XV-mon + Stingmon = PaildramonImperialdramon: Fighter Mode
Piemon + Vamdemon = Voltobautamon
Beelzebumon + Beel Starmon = Beelzebumon: Blast Mode
Durandamon + Bryweludramon = Ragna Lordmon
Alphamon + Ouryumon = Alphamon: Ouryuken
Rosemon + Lotusmon = Rafflesimon
Angewomon + Lady Devimon = Mastemon
Bancho Leomon + Darkdramon = Chaosmon
Slayerdramon + Breakdramon = Examon
Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode + Omegamon = Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode
  • The Digimon will be become one if it was Jogressed, and a new egg is unlocked on the 2nd screen. If Jogressed with a copy, the copied Digimon will be erased afterwards.


  • To Input password go to the Library Menu (the 8th menu) and select 'Record', Input the password listed to unlock the Copymon.
Digimon Password Source
Ofanimon: Falldown Mode 4 8 0 5 9 4 V-Jump August 2018
Magnamon 9 3 2 3 8 8 Bandai Twitter
Stingmon 5 0 3 3 6 7 Bandai Twitter
Susanoomon 1 0 3 8 7 8 V-Jump March 2018
Dynasmon 1 9 6 5 6 4 Bandai Twitter
Craniummon 5 9 6 0 6 1 V-Jump September 2018
Gankoomon 8 7 9 6 0 4 V-Jump March 2018
Lord Knightmon 7 5 0 2 7 7 V-Jump December 2018
Sleipmon 2 0 7 1 5 9 V-Jump February 2018
Beel Starmon 7 6 6 0 2 1 V-Jump January 2019
Apocalymon 8 0 2 4 3 5 V-Jump March 2019
N.E.O 3 8 2 5 9 4 V-Jump April 2018
Herissmon 5 7 2 9 5 1 Bandai Twitter
Blucomon 0 6 1 1 3 1 Bandai Twitter
Sistermon Ciel 2 3 1 6 5 2

Bandai Twitter


  • The 20th Pendulum has more features and fixes upon compared to the previous Digital Monster Ver.20th. Such fixes include
    • Main menu are now in English
    • Brighter screen and louder sound
    • Evolution time isn't paused when sleeping
    • Less and slower poop counts
    • Call icons lights up for more than 20 minutes now
    • Amount of battles for each Digimon can be checked in profile menu
    • Digimon attributes can now be checked on the profile
    • Traited egg is shown instead of computer/grave if you got one
    • Password Digimon replaced the codes for online battle
  • New features in 20th Pendulum includes
    • New and simpler tag training
    • 'Champion' status upon winning 1000 Single or Tag battles
    • Pause option via freezer
    • Free attribute added
    • Sleepy and Sleeping animation added
    • Copied Digimon can be seen on the screen as Copymon sprite


  • The Jogress features has been fully reworked and some of the Digimon that was not able to Jogress on the older version are able to do so now. Such examples are Jagamon and Whamon.
  • Some Digimon that has already appeared from the Digital Monster Ver.20th can be copied and Jogressed with compatible Digimon.
  • Gigahit can be accessed with a specific shake count during training if you have a Copymon partnered
  • Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode) and Belphemon (Rage Mode)'s sprites when sleeping appear in their Dragon Mode and Sleep Mode, respectively.
  • Jesmon (X-Antibody) is the only Digimon that has 70 DP without the need of Jogress.
  • Copipemon appears in the booklets of the Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th as a spoof on the new Copymon feature.

Image Gallery[edit]

Pendulum ver20 black.jpg Pendulum ver20 blue.jpg Pendulum ver20 duke.jpg Pendulum ver20 beelzebu.jpg
Original Silver Black Original Silver Blue Dukemon Color Beelzebumon Color
Pendulum ver20 duke package.jpg Pendulum ver20 beelzebu package.jpg Pen20th List.png
Dukemon Color Package Beelzebumon Color Package Digimon List


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