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A bipedal Ceratopsian Digimon that has the appearance of the Triceratops, which has offensive power competing for first or second among herbivorous dinosaur-types. The sturdiness of its skin is top class among biological Digimon. Just like its skin, the two horns growing from its brow are super-sturdy, and are far harder than that of Monochromon. It has a fundamentally gentle personality. However, its charging attacks have the offensive power to obliterate even the sturdy-bodied Mineral-species Digimon, though you wouldn't guess it from its ordinarily sluggish movements. Its Special Move is charging at the opponent with the two horns on its brow and the horn on its snout (Tri Horn Attack).
The effect on Triceramon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
The three horns growing from its head spin rapidly in order to pierce anything that comes to attack it, and their penetrating power has increased even more. Due to its gentle personality, it is often attacked by the enemy, but tries to drive them away using the sturdiness of its skin and its Spike Armor. Its "Golden Tri Horn Attack", which adds the high-speed rotation of its horns to its Special Move "Tri Horn Attack", is a Special Move with enough power to pierce the enemy even without charging into them.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Golden Tri-Horn Attack [1] ゴールデントライホーンアタック Gōruden Torai Hōn Atakku Rams the enemy with its three horns spinning at high speeds like drills.
Tri-Horn Attack [1] トライホーンアタック Torai Hōn Atakku Charges into the opponent with the two horns on its forehead and the horn at the tip of its nose.
Knock Buster [3] ノックバスター Nokku Basutā Attacks with the claws of one foreleg.


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Digital Monster X-evolution[edit]

A Triceramon (X-Antibody) led a herd of Digimon who were running away. It survived Omegamon's cannon blast, but it was injured and had its head crushed by Omegamon, killing it. A bunch of them were a part of Silphymon's rebel group.



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Pendulum X 2.0 & 2.5[edit]

Triceramon X-Antibody evolves from Allomon (X-Antibody), Ginryumon, Growmon (X-Antibody), Monochromon (X-Antibody), or Tobucatmon, and can evolve to Dinorexmon, Dinotigemon (2.0), Medieval Dukemon, Ouryumon, Ulforce V-dramon (X-Antibody), or Ultimate Brachiomon. It can also Jogress with Hisyaryumon to evolve into Ouryumon, or Jogress with Okuwamon (X-Antibody) (1.0/1.5) or Alphamon (3.0) to evolve into Ultimate Brachiomon.

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Triceramon X-Antibody evolves from Igamon, Nohemon, or Tyranomon, and can evolve to Rosemon or Spinomon. It can also Jogress with Yatagaramon to evolve into Valdurmon.

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