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Box Art
Digimon All-Star Rumble Box Art
Box Art
Name Digimon All-Star Rumble
System PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release Date United StatesNovember 11, 2014
EuropeNovember 14, 2014
Language English

Digimon All-Star Rumble (N/A, ') is a video game.


After overcoming countless crises, the Digital World now exists peacefully once again. Although Digimon quarrel amongst themselves on occasion, the world as a whole is a peaceful place. The defenders of the Digital World, on the other hand, have grown bored and peace brings no satisfaction. A world without chaos has extinguished the driving force behind their existence—to evolve. To pacify the growing unrest, a proposal was made: "Let us gather all Digimon who seek to evolve and hold a tournament to crown the strongest of them all!" And so began, the "Digital Monster Evolution Tournament", a tournament of monumental proportions, sponsored by Holydramon of the Four Great Dragons. In truth, however, the tournament is meant to determine the Hero of the Digital World, who Holydramon tasks with restoring the sanity of one of the Digital World's legendary protectors who has been corrupted by a virus.



Stage Characters[edit]

Other Characters[edit]


ID Name Type Rank Attribute
001 Omegamon Vaccine S Attack
002 Apollomon Vaccine S Attack
003 Cherubimon Vaccine S Attack
004 Magnamon Vaccine S Attack
005 War Greymon Vaccine A Attack
006 Xuanwumon Vaccine A Attack
007 Saint Galgomon Vaccine A Attack
008 Andromon Vaccine A Attack
009 Vajramon Vaccine A Attack
010 Were Garurumon Vaccine A Attack
011 Cyberdramon Vaccine A Attack
012 Holy Angemon Vaccine A Attack
013 Angemon Vaccine B Attack
014 Tailmon Vaccine B Attack
015 Hanumon Vaccine B Attack
016 Tortamon Vaccine B Attack
017 Ikkakumon Vaccine B Attack
018 Kabuterimon Vaccine B Attack
019 Galgomon Vaccine B Attack
020 Agumon Vaccine C Attack
021 Gomamon Vaccine C Attack
022 Tentomon Vaccine C Attack
023 Piyomon Vaccine C Attack
024 Terriermon Vaccine C Attack
025 Plotmon Vaccine C Attack
026 Aegisdramon Vaccine S Defense
027 Seraphimon Vaccine S Defense
028 Marin Angemon Vaccine S Defense
029 Hououmon Vaccine A Defense
030 Skull Mammon X-Antibody Vaccine A Defense
031 Atlur Kabuterimon Vaccine A Defense
032 Angewomon Vaccine A Defense
033 Vikaralamon Vaccine A Defense
034 Garudamon Vaccine A Defense
035 Kumbhiramon Vaccine A Defense
036 Zudomon Vaccine A Defense
037 Rapidmon Armor Vaccine A Defense
038 Garurumon Vaccine B Defense
039 Greymon Vaccine B Defense
040 Nefertimon X-Antibody Vaccine B Defense
041 Birdramon Vaccine B Defense
042 Rhinomon X-Antibody Vaccine B Defense
043 Leomon Vaccine B Defense
044 Revolmon Vaccine B Defense
045 Monodramon Vaccine C Defense
046 Kudamon Vaccine C Defense
047 Falcomon Vaccine C Defense
048 Coronamon Vaccine C Defense
049 Bakumon Vaccine C Defense
050 Lucemon Vaccine C Defense
051 Examon Data S Attack
052 Qinglongmon Data S Attack
053 Thunderbirmon Data S Attack
054 Boltmon Data A Attack
055 Metal Garurumon Data A Attack
056 Pteramon Data A Attack
057 Triceramon X-Antibody Data A Attack
058 Volcdramon Data A Attack
059 Griffomon Data A Attack
060 Kyubimon Data A Attack
061 Turuiemon Data A Attack
062 Mamemon X-Antibody Data B Attack
063 Majiramon Data B Attack
064 Mihiramon Data B Attack
065 Meramon Data B Attack
066 Tyranomon Data B Attack
067 Wizarmon Data B Attack
068 Taomon Data B Attack
069 Caturamon Data B Attack
070 Gabumon Data C Attack
071 Psychemon Data C Attack
072 Patamon Data C Attack
073 Palmon Data C Attack
074 Renamon Data C Attack
075 Lopmon Data C Attack
076 Baihumon Data S Defense
077 Grand Locomon Data S Defense
078 Plesiomon X-Antibody Data S Defense
079 Metal Seadramon Data A Defense
080 Rosemon: Burst Mode Data A Defense
081 Sakuyamon Data A Defense
082 Locomon Data A Defense
083 Starmon Data A Defense
084 Togemon Data A Defense
085 Anomalocarimon X-Antibody Data A Defense
086 Mermaimon Data A Defense
087 Lilamon Data A Defense
088 Knightmon Data B Defense
089 Sinduramon Data B Defense
090 Makuramon Data B Defense
091 Lilimon X-Antibody Data B Defense
092 Monochromon X-Antibody Data B Defense
093 Drimogemon Data B Defense
094 Seadramon Data B Defense
095 Kotemon Data C Defense
096 Gottsumon X-Antibody Data C Defense
097 Floramon Data C Defense
098 Dracomon Data C Defense
099 Elecmon Data C Defense
100 Lunamon Data C Defense
ID Name Type Rank Attribute
101 Dukemon Virus S Attack
102 Zhuqiaomon Virus S Attack
103 Megidramon Virus S Attack
104 Venom Vamdemon Virus S Attack
105 Mugendramon Virus S Attack
106 Ancient Volcamon Virus A Attack
107 Pharaohmon Virus A Attack
108 Lilithmon Virus A Attack
109 Piemon Virus A Attack
110 Beelzebumon X-Antibody Virus A Attack
111 Megalo Growmon X-Antibody Virus A Attack
112 Astamon Virus A Attack
113 Andiramon Virus A Attack
114 Metal Greymon Virus A Attack
115 Karatuki Numemon Virus B Attack
116 Cyclomon Virus B Attack
117 Numemon Virus B Attack
118 Evilmon Virus B Attack
119 Guardromon Virus B Attack
120 Growmon Virus B Attack
121 Knight Chessmon Virus B Attack
122 Scumon Virus B Attack
123 Impmon Virus C Attack
124 Guilmon Virus C Attack
125 Goburimon Virus C Attack
126 Mushmon Virus C Attack
127 Dracumon Virus C Attack
128 Pico Devimon Virus C Attack
129 Millenniumon Virus S Defense
130 Salamandamon Virus S Defense
131 Tyrant Kabuterimon Virus S Defense
132 Indaramon Virus A Defense
133 Sandiramon Virus A Defense
134 Ebemon X-Antibody Virus A Defense
135 Vamdemon Virus A Defense
136 Bishop Chessmon Virus A Defense
137 Rook Chessmon Virus A Defense
138 Lady Devimon Virus A Defense
139 Archnemon Virus A Defense
140 Etemon Virus A Defense
141 Wendimon Virus B Defense
142 Woodmon Virus B Defense
143 Orgemon Virus B Defense
144 Gekomon Virus B Defense
145 Vegimon Virus B Defense
146 Musyamon Virus B Defense
147 Arkadimon Virus C Defense
148 Otamamon Virus C Defense
149 Gizamon Virus C Defense
150 Hagurumon X-Antibody Virus C Defense
151 Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode Neutral S Attack
152 Shoutmon X5B Neutral S Attack
153 Shoutmon DX Neutral S Attack
154 Diablomon Neutral S Attack
155 Shoutmon X4B Neutral A Attack
156 Omega Shoutmon Neutral A Attack
157 Mervamon Neutral A Attack
158 Shakkoumon Neutral A Attack
159 Paildramon Neutral A Attack
160 Opossummon Neutral A Attack
161 Sagittarimon Neutral A Attack
162 Submarimon Neutral A Attack
163 Blastmon Neutral A Attack
164 Silphymon Neutral B Attack
165 XV-mon Neutral B Attack
166 Stingmon Neutral B Attack
167 Aquilamon Neutral B Attack
168 Ankylomon Neutral B Attack
169 Owlmon Neutral B Attack
170 Oryxmon Neutral B Attack
171 Troopmon Neutral B Attack
172 V-mon Neutral C Attack
173 Wormmon Neutral C Attack
174 Shoutmon Neutral C Attack
175 Dorulumon Neutral C Attack
176 Ballistamon Neutral C Attack
177 Cutemon Neutral C Attack
178 Bagramon Neutral S Defense
179 Holydramon X-Antibody Neutral S Defense
180 Tactimon Neutral S Defense
181 Quartzmon Neutral S Defense
182 Jet Silphymon Neutral A Defense
183 Shurimon Neutral A Defense
184 Sephirothmon Neutral A Defense
185 Digmon Neutral A Defense
186 Tuwarmon Neutral A Defense
187 Skull Knightmon Neutral A Defense
188 Luminamon Neutral A Defense
189 Dondokomon Neutral B Defense
190 Clockmon Neutral B Defense
191 Shonitamon Neutral B Defense
192 Sparrowmon Neutral B Defense
193 Tyutyumon Neutral B Defense
194 Deckerdramon Neutral B Defense
195 Armadimon Neutral C Defense
196 Hawkmon Neutral C Defense
197 Monitamon Neutral C Defense
198 Gumdramon Neutral C Defense
199 Bombmon Neutral C Defense
200 Gaossmon Neutral C Defense


Digital Plains[edit]

Proton Shrine[edit]

Factorial Town[edit]

Digital Station[edit]

Unwavering Forest[edit]

King's Castle[edit]

Coela Point[edit]

Lava Pit[edit]

Tilly Valley[edit]

Toy Town[edit]

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See Gallery:Digimon All-Star Rumble.


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Developer Prope プロぺ

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