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The ultimate form of god beast Digimon. Its heroic appearance is reminiscent of a ruler of the sky. There are few who have seen its appearance, and it has not even been entirely confirmed where it usually is. However, it is said that it suddenly appeared out of nowhere once when a gigantic evil energy was generated in the Digital World, and laid waste to the evil with its vast power. Its Special Move is striking the opponent with the light energy of all justice (Holy Flame). Those who suffer this technique have their forms instantaneously erased. Also, Holydramon is one of the Four Great Dragons.
The effect on Holydramon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
The fact that it was virtually unaffected by the X-Antibody meant that it had already manifested its latent abilities. Although there are no visible changes to Holydramon, who has continued to evolve throughout the history of the Digital World, the wild, draconic ferocity it had restrained has been completely drawn out. When facing evil Digimon, it smashes them to smithereens with its brutal, tremendous fighting style, and then erases them in the blink of an eye with its enormous light energy of justice (Holy Blaze), and is starting to become feared as a vengeful god.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Holy Blaze [1] ホーリーブレイズ Hōrī Bureizu

Holy Flame [1] ホーリーフレイム Hōrī Fureimu Fire Tornado/Holy Flame Shoots a spiral of holy fire from its mouth.
Apocalypse [3] アポカリプス Apokaripusu Dragon Fire


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