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Box Art
Digimon World X Box Art
Digimon World 4 Box Art
Digimon World 4 Box Art
Name Digimon World X
Usa.png Digimon World 4
System GameCube
PlayStation 2
Release Date JapanJanuary 06, 2005 (PS2, GCN)
United StatesJune 02, 2005 (PS2, GCN, XBOX)
EuropeSeptember 2, 2005 (PS2, XBOX)
Language Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian

Digimon World X (デジモンワールドX, Dejimon Wārudo Ekusu) is a video game.


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The Digital World has been at peace under the management of the host server Yamato. Recently, access to the Real World was terminated and a mysterious server was discovered. The Digimon exploration team that was sent in to investigate the problem hasn't returned! As a member of the Digital Security Guard it's up to you to find out what is causing these problems and prevent a Digi-disaster. The Digimon are counting on you!



Playable characters[edit]



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  • Agumon
  • Anomalocarimon
  • Apocalymon
  • Archnemon
  • Beelzebumon: Blast Mode
  • Belial Vamdemon
  • Blossomon
  • Cockatrimon
  • Diablomon
  • DORUmon
  • Dukemon: Crimson Mode
  • Gekomon
  • Goburimon
  • Guilmon
  • Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode
  • Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode
  • Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode
  • Infermon
  • Leomon X
  • Lord Knightmon
  • Lucemon: Satan Mode
  • Mammon
  • Marin Devimon
  • Megadramon
  • Metal Garurumon (X-Antibody)
  • Minotaurmon
  • Mummymon
  • Numemon
  • Ofanimon
  • Orgemon
  • Otamamon
  • Pharaohmon
  • Prince Mamemon
  • Raremon
  • Scumon
  • Skull Greymon
  • Susanoomon
  • Tonosama Gekomon
  • Tortamon
  • Tyranomon
  • V-mon
  • War Greymon (X-Antibody)
  • Were Garurumon (X-Antibody)

Digital World[edit]

  • Death Valley
    • Humid Hole
    • Cliff Dungeon
    • Fortress
      • Guard Room
      • Winding Hall
      • Gobgob Room
      • X Digi-Lab
    • Abyss of Grief
    • Slimy River
    • Doom Dome
    • Dome Base
      • Apocalymon Space
  • Dry Land
    • Mummy Desert
    • Grief Wasteland
    • Sand Labyrinth
    • Ancient Ruins
    • Train Line
    • Power Plant
    • Virus Lab
      • Demon Shift
  • Venom Jungle
    • Gekogeko Land
    • Geko Path
    • Mangrove Forest
    • Groundwater Vein
    • Vine Tunnel
    • Venom Swamp
    • Dread Nought
    • Dread Bridge
      • Hell Obelisk
  • Machine Pit
    • Battle Arena
    • Electro Mine
    • Mecha Nest
    • Mechanical Core
      • Core Area
        • X Zone


  • After defeating an enemy, its Digicode appears momentarily, just like in Digimon Frontier.
  • The Death Valley is in fact the Yamato Server (from Digimon World 3), which has been rebooted and transformed into the Doom Server. In addition, the Asuka Server is also mentioned, from that same game.

Image Gallery[edit]


Digimon World X scan
Digimon World X scan

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