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Box Art
Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure Box Art
Digimon World 3 (North America)Digimon World 2003 (Europe) Box Art
Name Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure
Usa.png Digimon World 3 (North America)
Digimon World 2003 (Europe)
System PlayStation
Release Date JapanJuly 04, 2002
United StatesJune 05, 2002
EuropeNovember 29, 2002
Language Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian

Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure (デジモンワールド3 新たなる冒険の扉, Dejimon Wārudo 3 Aratanaru Bouken no Tobira) is a video game.


Digimon Online (デジモン・オンライン), the first virtual online game utilized by Matrix Chamber (マトリクス・チェンバー) and maintained by MAGAMI (マガミ) is open for business and Atsushi is ready to play. The tale of a young boy and his friends begins as they travel throughout the Asuka Server, raising and battling alongside their partner Digimon.

Suddenly, the maintenance of Digimon Online was announced and all humans inside are unable to return to the Real World. From the depths of the Amaterasu Server emerges the terrorist organization A.o.A trying to take over both the Digital World and the Real World. It’s up to our hero to stop them in their tracks and keep the peace before their server becomes corrupted forever.

After the Digital World returning into peace, Digimon Online was reconstructed and the only locations that can be accessed are Central and East Sectors of Amaterasu Server. The player may able to challenge the real 4 Leader of Amaterasu Server by collecting all 5 Epic Items (エピックアイテム). The World Champ (ワールドチャンプ) will reveal his identity and Atsushi have to earn that title by finishing the final battle.


Digimon World 3 is simply a traditional RPG that focused on battle and mostly exploration. The battle system is a single battle that can have up to 3 Digimon on his party. The player can command his Digimon by attacking enemy without MP or using Techniques. The player may able to switch out his Digimon or run away from wild Digimon. When a Digimon is switched with a compatible Digimon, they can do Jogress Evolution temporarily and then use their evolved Digimon's Tech.

The natural evolution system is based on level: LV 5 for Adult, LV 20 for Perfect, and LV 40 for Ultimate. The additional evolution depends on the partner Digimon and certain stats is required. The certain Tech can be learned and loaded to other evolutions by reaching certain LV Skill. Any partner Digimon as Child stage already have Signature Tech, but the loaded Techs cannot be passed. Each Digimon can have up to 3 different evolutions and loaded Tech, and these can only be changed by Dr. Kadomatsu or Piccolomon.

Every partner Digimon also have Blast Gauge. When the Blast Gauge is full, a Digimon will evolve into higher level stage and can use its Signature Technique for 3 turns. Blast Gauge can be only raised by receiving damage at least 30% of Digimon's HP.

Equipments can be used on certain Digimon to enhancing their stats, but some of them can have a drawback. Certain equipments can be found in the Shop or by defeating certain Digimon. However, the enhanced stats by these items will be ignored for evolution requirements.

The player may able to collect Digimon cards by defeating Cardmon from the tree by kicking or the lake by fishing via items, or challenging certain Tamer into Card Battle, an optional mini game that unrelated to the storyline.


  • Atsushi
  • Minori
  • Takumi
  • Keith
  • Nick
  • Lisa
  • Lucky Mouse
  • Gen-jii
  • Dr. Kadomatsu
  • Seiryu Leader
  • Suzaku Leader
  • Byakko Leader
  • A.o.A General
  • Game Master
  • Qing Long Chief
  • Zhu Qiao Chief
  • Genbu Leader
  • Ice Witch
  • Fire Knight
  • Dark Knight
  • Royal Guard
  • Lyon
  • Chuck
  • Bai Hu Chief
  • Xuan Wu Chief
  • MAGAMI President
  • Lord Megadeath



Obtainable Digimon[edit]

At first, the player can choose one of 3 Starter Pack (3 Digimon per Pack) listed below as his partner Digimon.

As the story progressed, it is possible to obtain all 8 partner Digimon by collecting their respective DDNA and giving them to certain DDNA Agents. This is the only the way to obtain V-mon in this game.

Enemy Digimon[edit]

In this game, several enemy Digimon have their own recolored version that share the same name, which mostly are usually stronger than regular ones. The number of recolored Digimon below are marked with asterisks.

None available

None available

Non-Playable Character Digimon[edit]

These Digimon listed below appears in the game or are mentioned but cannot be battled in the game.


Real World[edit]

Kusanagi City[edit]

Kusanagi City (くさなぎシティ) is the city where the MAGAMI company has the Online Center for Digimon Online. Atsushi and his friends met at a street corner in the city in order to play Digimon Online together.


Magasta (マガスタ) is a military base used by A.o.A to complete the Real World domination plan by using Destromon, a Bemmon that was infused with the Juggernaut (ジャガーノート), a weaponized ship on the sea.


Gunslinger (ガンスリンガー) is a satellite on the space used by Lord Megadeath to turn every human on earth into Buumon and destroy the mankind. Although the plan was foiled, Snatchmon, an evolved Bemmon later fused itself with the Gunslinger into Ragnamon and planned to fuse again with earth to become Gaiamon.

Digital World[edit]

Asuka Server[edit]

Asuka Server (アスカ・サーバ) is the server that Atsushi is assigned to for Digimon Online. The first half of the game takes place on this server.

Central Sector[edit]

East Sector[edit]

South Sector[edit]

West Sector[edit]

North Sector[edit]

Amaterasu Server[edit]

Amaterasu Server (アマテラス・サーバ) is another server for Digimon Online. Trouble is brewing in this server as the terrorist group A.o.A. takes over this server and attempts to take over the rest of the servers of Digimon Online.

Central Sector[edit]

East Sector[edit]

South Sector[edit]

West Sector[edit]

North Sector[edit]

Izumo Server[edit]

Izumo Server (イズモ・サーバ) is one of the five servers that Digimon Online is administered on. It is not visited during the game.

Yamato Server[edit]

Yamato Server (ヤマト・サーバ) is one of the five servers that Digimon Online is administered on. It is not visited during the game.

Ikaruga Server[edit]

Ikaruga Server (イカルガ・サーバ) is one of the five servers that Digimon Online is administered on. It is not visited during the game.


Underground (アンダーグラウンド) is the subterranean space under the servers of Digimon Online.


Seabed (かいてい) are paths used to travel between the sectors of a server. They can be only accessed by using Digimental of Sincerity to summon Submarimon. The player have to hold X (Japanese) or Triangle (English) to control Submarimon.


Underground (ちてい, dub: Circuit Board) are paths used to travel between the sectors and the servers. They can be only accessed by using Digimental of Knowledge to summon Digmon. These paths have simple obstacles but can be difficult to remember. Several Digimon here can give information of the current location and the paths that connect to it.

Network Interstice[edit]

Network Interstice (ネットワークのはざま, dub: Optical Network) is the network space between the servers of Digimon Online.

Bug Maze[edit]

Bug Maze (バグメイズ) is an optical network that is destroyed by Valvemon as a path for A.o.A to travel across the servers of Digimon Online. It cannot be accessed after Digimon Online has been reconstructed.

Sound Effects[edit]

  • Satoshi Ishikawa
  • Koji Yamada


  • Digimon World 3 is the first non regional-exclusive game that was released for North America before Japan.
  • The North America version of Digimon World 3 has a main storyline without post-game content. Also, only in this version, Counter Pod and Multi Pod will activate without fail.
  • In the Japanese version, the opening cutscene is accompanied with the Miracle Maker song. This special cutscene can be only played for the first time before starting the game, and after that the ordinary cutscene will be played instead.
  • The First Pressing of this game came with a Hyper Colosseum card Dw-6.



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