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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Messer Claw [4] Deu: "Knife Claw" メッサークロー Messā Kurо̄
Pierces the enemy with its sharp claws.
Fusionize [4]
フュージョナイズ Fyūjyonaizu
Turns the enemy into its flesh and blood after defeating them.


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Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure[edit]

BEMmon first appears as a Digitama that Lucky Mouse stole from the terrorist organization A.o.A, as he knew of their evil plan and tried to stop it before it was too late. However, Lucky Mouse had to surrender the Digitama to the A.o.A General after they captured his sister Minori (Kite). He was then turned into an Buumon by a laser beam shot by one of the General's henchment, while saving Kite from the danger.

Later, a wandering BEMmon appears in Asuka Server's Admin Center during the A.o.A. invasion of Asuka City, where Atsushi battles it. It escapes afterwards.

Several BEMmon later invade Amaterasu Server. As the only person not turned into a Buumon, Kite tells Atsushi that BEMmon have an ability to turn humans into Buumon using laser beams, leading Atsushi to hypothesize that BEMmon were reprogrammed to do so.

Meanwhile, BEMmon appear in the Real World, transforming people there as well.

Four BEMmon appear as Lord Megadeath's subjects in the Gunslinger's Control Room, where they appear to be fused into a Snatchmon, which fuses with the Gunslinger Satellite to evolve into Ragnamon soon after devouring Lord Megadeath.

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Concept Artwork for Digimon World 3 by Archimedes

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