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An artificial Digimon that evolved after several BEMmon that grew stronger began cannibalizing each other and one survived until the very end. In addition to Snatchmon that await command codes to act, it is said that there are some individuals that develop a sense of self, seek greater strength, and aim to become the strongest by continually preying on their enemies.
Its Special Moves are firing from the back of its arms (Ruin Laser), tearing the enemy to pieces with the tip of its tail (Tooth-spear), and feeding upon defeated opponents with its "Fusionize".
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Ruin Laser [2] ルインレーザー Ruin Rēzā
Launches an attack from the back of its arms.
Tooth-spear [2] トゥースピア Tūsupia Tooth Spear Slashes using the tip of its tail.
Fusionize [2] フュージョナイズ Fyūjyonaizu
Feeds upon defeated opponents.


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Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure[edit]

Snatchmon was one of the BEMmon that Atsushi met in Asuka City, which serves as Lord Megadeath's strongest Digimon. Lord Megadeath reveals its grand plan to use the Digitize Wave from the Gunslinger Satellite to absorb the matrix data of all humans in both the Real World and the Digital World, killing them all. However, BEMmon turns on Lord Megadeath and absorbs his matrix data before and fusing with the Gunslinger Satellite, evolving into Ragnamon. As Ragnamon, it continues its master's plan to become the strongest Digimon, Gaiamon, by fusing with the Earth, but was destroyed by Atsushi's Digimon.

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Concept Artwork for Digimon World 3 by Archimedes

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