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DigiXros (デジクロス Dejikurosu; Dub: DigiFuse) is a process vaguely related to Evolution in which multiple Digimon are combined into a single entity, usually achieved by the use of a Xros Loader or Darkness Loader by a human General or Digimon Hunter. The DigiXros process can merge the Digimon into a single conglomerate entity, or can turn the component Digimon - referred to as DigiXros Units - into weapons, armor or other accessories for another DigiXros unit.

Types of DigiXros[edit]


DigiXros (デジクロス Dejikurosu): It fuses two or more Digimon which belong to the same army (or Hunter) into just one.

Double Xros[edit]

Digixros doublexros 1.jpg Digixros doublexros 2.jpg Digixros doublexros 3.jpg
Digixros doublexros 4.jpg Digixros doublexros 5.jpg Digixros doublexros 6.jpg

Double Xros (ダブルクロス Daburu Kurosu): Two generals Digixros some of their Digimon when there is a bond among them.

Great Xros[edit]

Great Xros (グレートクロス Gurēto Kurosu): Three or more generals Digixros some Digimons when there is a bond among them.

Shoutmon x7.jpg

Grand Xros[edit]

Final Xros[edit]

Shoutmon x7 superior mode.jpg

Force DigiXros[edit]

Force DigiXros (強制デジクロス Kyousei Dejikurosu): Dominating another digimon's will and forcefully DigiXrosing with them.

Xros Open[edit]

Xros Open (クロスオープン Kurosu Ōpun): Involves splitting a combined digimon into the individual Digimon it once was.

Xros Up[edit]

Xros Up (クロスアップ Kurosu Appu): Used by Digimon Hunters to DigiXros their current primary digimon with a digimon stored in their Xros Loader. The names of the resulting digimon are always "Xros Up (First Digimon in Xros)". For example, Shoutmon, with Dorulumon would normally create Shoutmon + Dorulu Cannon, but instead would simply be called Xros Up Shoutmon.