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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Final Xros Blade [3] ファイナルクロスブレード Fainaru Kurosu Burēdo Final Xros Blade[3] Slashes its McField-brand mic, which has been transformed into a greatsword by concentrating energy, downward from overhead. This technique only harms Digimon with evil hearts, and resets the data of such Digimon and reduces them to Digitamas.[3]
Xros Burning Rocker [3] クロスバーニングロッカー Kurosu Bāningu Rokkā Xros Burning Rocker[3] Uses its passionate soul that longs for peace in the middle of the battlefield to light its McField-brand mic in hellfire, then grandly swings it down.
Double Flare Buster [3] ダブルフレアバスター Daburu Furea Basutā Double Flare Buster[3] Shoots all of its energy from the Zanahoria in its left hand.
Seven Victorize [3] セブンビクトライズ Sebun Bikutoraizu Seven Victorize[3] Concentrates its entire aura in its chest and fires it from its "V".


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Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode is the Final Xrossed form of Shoutmon, the partner Digimon of Kudou Taiki and a member of Xros Heart.

In "Glorious DigiXros, Seize It! Our Future!!", when the completed Code Crown chooses Taiki and enters his Xros Loader, it plays a DigiMelody that teaches him, together with the other Generals of Xros Heart and Blue Flare, to perform the Final Xros. Using this technique, Shoutmon merges with an incalculable number of Digimon, including all of his Xros Heart and Blue Flare allies and the DigiMemories, and becomes Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode. In this form, he easily runs Darkness Bagramon through with Final Xros Blade, destroying him and ending the war.

Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode in Digimon Xros Wars.
Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode in Digimon Xros Wars.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

In "All Will Be Revealed Now! The Secret of the Digimon Hunt!", Kudou Taiki's Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode is seen in a flashback in which Mogami Ryouma tells the story of how he witnessed the final battle between Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode and Darkness Bagramon. He explains that this moment consumed his life and motivated him both to become a Digimon Hunter, and to try and prevent Taiki from joining the hunt and potentially being hurt.

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Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode is the Final Xrossed form of Shoutmon, the partner Digimon of Kudou Taiki and a member of Xros Heart.

In Xros Songs!! To All The Teens Who Are Chasing After Their Dreams!!, when a horde of evil Digimon is released into the Real World from Zeed Millenniumon when Xros Heart undoes the DigiXros that created it, Taiki and Xros Heart perform a Final Xros. This merges Shoutmon with "all Digimon", creating Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode, so that they can destroy Ultimate Chaosmon, the last remaining one of the Digimon released from Zeed Millenniumon.

Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode's first appearance

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