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A Digimon Hunter (デジモンハンター, Dejimon Hantā) is a human in possession of a Xros Loader that actively collects Digimon in DigiQuartz. Unlike a General, they currently only use a single Digimon in battle at a time, not including those used to DigiXros; in this fashion, they are more similar to a Tamer.

Known Hunters[edit]

Name Partner Digimon Xros Loader colour
Akashi Tagiru Gumdramon Crimson
Kudou Taiki Shoutmon Red
Amano Yuu Damemon Yellow
Old Clock Shop Man Clockmon Black with gold highlights
Mogami Ryouma Psychemon Green
Tobari Ren Dracumon Grey
Suzaki Airu Opossumon Pink
Mashimo Hideaki Dobermon Purple
Amano Nene Sparrowmon and Mervamon Lavender
Funabashi Kiichi Locomon Light blue
Noboru Allomon Brown
Ken Shima Unimon Unknown
Haruki Witchmon Unknown
Aonuma Kiriha Greymon and Mail Birdramon Blue
Mizuki Submarimon Dark blue
Tsurugi Zenjirou Ballistamon Pale blue
Hinomoto Akari Dorulumon Orange


There is a set of rules that Hunters are encouraged to follow, according to a handbook.

The known rules are:

  • Only one Digimon may be out of the Xros Loader while in the DigiQuartz.[1]
  • The active Digimon can DigiXros with at most one other Digimon inside the Hunter's Xros Loader.[2]
  • Hunters cannot hunt Digimon that are in the possession of another Hunter.[3]

The second rule can be bypassed with the use of multiple Xros Loaders, with each Xros Loader capable of adding two Digimon to the Xros (the one active and one from the Xros Loader).[4][5]

The third rule was shown to lack enforcement.[6] The third rule also does not apply to a Digimon willfully leaving their current partner to join the ranks of another Hunter.[7][8]


Digimon Card Game[edit]

Hunter is a Type given to Tamer cards in the Digimon Card Game, introduced in BT-12 Across Time. All Tamers with the Hunter type possess the following effect:

Your Turn When your Digimon would evolve into a Digimon card with Save in its card text, by suspending this Tamer and placing 1 card from under your Tamers at the bottom of that Digimon's evolution cards, reduce the evolution cost by 1.

List of Hunters in the Digimon Card Game
Name Cards
Kudou Taiki BT12-087
Amano Yuu BT12-094
Akashi Tagiru BT12-096
Mogami Ryouma BT12-097
Suzaki Airu BT12-091
Tobari Ren BT12-093

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