Digimon Hunter Rulebook

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The Digimon Hunter Rulebook is a a book containing the guidelines and expectations of a Digimon Hunter in DigiQuartz. The old Watch Man gave one to Kudou Taiki in XW56.

While originally disguised as merely the rules of the Digimon Hunt as chosen by the Watch Man, they were later revealed to be caused by Quartzmon's power.


  1. You can only Reload one Digimon at a time. The Hunter can use only one Digimon among those he possesses for battle. You can switch among them, but when you do, the Digimon you brought out before will return to the Xros Loader.
  2. A Hunter can choose one of his Digimon in his Xros Loader to DigiXros with the Digimon he's using to fight.