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The complete Code Crown

A Code Crown (コードクラウン, Kōdo Kuraun) is an artifact which resembles an SD memory card, encased in an octahedral shell of light, that appears in Digimon Xros Wars. One exists in each Zone, serving as the proof of rulership of that Zone, and also displays an icon on the front of it which represents a particular Zone. There are one-hundred-and-eight Code Crowns in total that were originally part of one large Code Crown.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

After Mad Leomon is eliminated by Shoutmon X3, a mysterious object encased in golden light appears before Taiki and the others. Nene explains that it is called a Code Crown and that when the Digital World became divided, it became scattered. She also mentions that because he has the Code Crown in his possession, the Zone had become his, further adding to Shoutmon's ambition of becoming Digimon King, and that if one were to gather all of them, they would be able to reshape the Digital World as they desire. She states that what they had was merely one of the fragments and also instructs Taiki to place it into his Xros Loader and say "Change Zone" 「ゾーン移動 Zōn Idou」 in order to travel to the next Zone. Doing so, a portal forms that transports the group to Island Zone.[1]

While there, a Gizamon reports back to Neptunemon regarding Xros Heart's presence, Tactimon contacts him and informs him that Taiki is probably after Island Zone's Code Crown and tells him that he must stop him at all costs. Neptunemon says that he will also reclaim the Code Crown that Taiki currently has, in addition to sending his Mantaraymon fleet towards him. When Archelomon was captured and while drunk during interrogation, he eventually tells Neptunemon that the Code Crown was hidden within the "belly" of the island. Once inside Whamon, Taiki and Shoutmon search around for the Code Crown, eventually finding it in a Whamon-shaped shrine that was located in a chamber along with a group of Flymon from the Bagra Army. By applying a liquid that was provided by Whamon to Shoutmon's body after being stung by the Flymon commander, Taiki saves his life and vows that they will both protect the island. Taking his word for it, Whamon entrusts Taiki with Island Zone's Code Crown.[2]

Upon their arrival at Magma Zone, Taiki and the others encounter a group of Digimon held captive by the Bagra Army, under the surveillance of several Meramon, at some ruins, excavating the area in order to search for Magma Zone's Code Crown. Eventually, after defeating Ancient Volcamon, a circle of light appears on the ground and Magma Zone's DigiMemory emerges from it.[3]

After arriving in Lake Zone following Ancient Volcamon's defeat, Xros Heart attempts to protect Bastia Castle from the Bagra Army, who were searching for Lake Zone's Code Crown[4]. Later, Lilithmon uses an ice mirror to manipulate Akari through the use of illusionary magic in order to steal it for her. She enters Bastemon's room and "reads" the symbols inscribed on her necklace to find its location, hidden within a Bastemon-like statue. Just as Akari was about to hand over the Code Crown to Lilithmon, she breaks free from her control and uses it to cut her face, obtaining Lake Zone's Code Crown for Xros Heart.[5]

In Sand Zone, after escaping from Blastmon, both Revolmon and Pharaohmon test Taiki to see whether he was worthy, so in recognition of his strength, Revolmon gives Sand Zone's Code Crown to Taiki along with four new DigiMemories.[6]

After Baalmon was stabbed by Lilithmon and affected by the poison from her nails, Pharaohmon's spirit appears, telling Taiki to release Sand Zone's Code Crown so that he could borrow its power. Taiki shouts out "Release Code Crown" 「コードクラウン解放 Kōdo Kuraun Kaihou」, causing the pyramids in the vicinity to coalesce into a gigantic floating pyramid known as the Pyramid of Revival, where Baalmon lay unconscious at its apex.[7]

In Heaven Zone, Lucemon tricks its residents into electing him as President. Upon his inauguration, he reveals that he is working for the Bagra Army and transforms into his true form. The Code Crown lay hidden in a mysterious temple and was unearthed by Lucemon.

In Forest Zone, the Code Crown was in Deckerdramon's possession. While battling against Dark Knightmon, Deckerdramon entrusts Kiriha with the Code Crown and decides to join Blue Flare because he senses the strong love in his heart.[8]

Dust Zone's Code Crown was located inside Dark Knightmon's tower. Taiki entrusts it to Pinochimon to take care of the Zone, but he quickly gives it back to him.[9]

While Xros Heart is drifting in Digital Space, back at the Bagra Headquarters, Tactimon informs Bagramon about the number of Code Crowns that each army possesses, including Lilithmon, Blastmon and himself. Lilithmon mentions that if she succeeds in defeating Xros Heart by using Arkadimon, then she will have the most Code Crowns amongst the Three Head Officers, putting her in the lead to become Bagramon's successor.[10]

Shinobi Zone's Code crown was originally in Karatenmon's possession. Xros Heart manages to obtain it when Nene and Akari successfully make him laugh.[11] Later, Blastmon confronts Xrot Heart and gets defeated by Shoutmon X5B, losing the 22 code crowns in his possession to Xros Heart.[12]

In Disc Zone, Kihira gains possession of its Code Crown when he defeats the Zone's ruler, Mercuremon. However, Disc Zone later collapses.[13]

When Shoutmon X5 defeats Matadrmon, Xros Heart gains Sweets Zone.[14]

In Sword Zone, after Shoutmon X5 defeats Grademon, Xros Heart claims Sword Zone's Code Crown, the last one remaining. This causes the other Code Crown to unite and Taiki uses it to revive the Digimon he defeated, converting them to good. As Tactimon battles against Xros Heart and Blue Flare, he uses San-no-Tachi, causing Taiki and Kiriha to drop their Xros Loaders. He uses this as the perfect opportunity to forcefully release the Code Crowns stored on both their Xros Loaders as well as the ones in his possession, preparing them for their retrieval. Once Shoutmon X5B defeats Tactimon, blasting him into the space between dimensions, Bagramon uses Choujigen Storm to grasp all 94 Code Crowns while simultaneously sending Taiki and the others back to the Kōtō.[15]

Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

After Bagramon obtains all 108 Code Crowns, he uses the completed Code Crown to reformat the Digital World into seven Kingdoms surrounding the Bagra Pandemonium, with the Code Crown by his side. By using all the negative energy gathered from each Land, Dark Knightmon transforms the Code Crown into the Dark Stone. Before handing it over to Bagramon, he uses it to revive the seven Death Generals via the Revival Circuit.[16] Once in Bagramon's possession, he activates it and commences the start of D5.[17]

While in a protective barrier, Examon and War Greymon explain to Taiki and his friends that long ago, when Bagramon became aware of the existence of the Real World, he attempted to rule it along with the Digital World. In order to stop this, Omegamon and the others fought against him, but as the growth of the human's digital technology was also involved, it caused the two worlds to draw closer together. The energy produced from this caused the Core to become unstable, and the Digital World eventually became scattered, forming the Code Crown fragments as a consequence.[18]

Upon their arrival in the Real World and during the final battle, Taiki uses the Digimon Slingshot to transport himself along with all sixteen DigiMemories, and inadvertently, Akari and Cutemon into the Dark Stone, which lay within Darkness Bagramon in order to search for Shoutmon. Inside, the Code Crowns reunite into one and Shoutmon revives fallen comrades. Taiki and the others escape from within the Dark Stone, along with the complete Code Crown which then enters Taiki's Xros Loader. Taiki, together with his friends, then use its power along with the Digimon from Xros Heart, Blue Flare, the physical manifestations of the DigiMemories and practically all the Digimon inhabiting the Digital World to perform a Final Xros, creating Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode as a result. After defeating Darkness Bagramon and restoring the world to normal, Shoutmon and the other Digimon return to the Digital World along with the Code Crown.[18]


Green Zone's Code Crown
Island Zone's Code Crown
File:Magma zone code crown.jpg
Magma Zone's Code Crown
File:Lake zone code crown.jpg
Lake Zone's Code Crown
File:Sand zone code crown.jpg
Sand Zone's Code Crown
Heaven Zone's Code Crown
File:Forest zone code crown.jpg
Forest Zone's Code Crown
Dust Zone's Code Crown
Shinobi Zone's Code Crown
File:Disc zone code crown.jpg
Disc Zone's Code Crown

Digimon Xros Wars (Manga)[edit]

Jijimon suggests that Taiki and the others should try to collect Code Crowns and tells them that there is a village north of the Village of Smiles, Mushroom Village, where Green Zone's Code Crown is located. It was encased within the Abyss Truffle and was used by Mach Leomon, as well as the data of several Drimogemon, to become Mush-Upped Mach Leomon. Upon his defeat by Shoutmon X3, Taiki obtains Green Zone's Code Crown.[19]


Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars[edit]

You receive LS-tou Zone's Code Crown after defeating Omega Armamon BM.

Digimon Xros Loader[edit]

Digimon Code Crown 01 Underground Warriors
See Digimon Code Crown

Similiar to the DigiMemory, the Code Crown is an SD card exclusive to the Xros Loader that can be used to play in and unlock new Zones and new Digimon.

Digimon Collectors[edit]

An item card of the Code Crown should be applied in order to evolve Shoutmon X7 to Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode.


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