Omega Armamon Burst Mode

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For the Digital Lifeform, see System Omega.
Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Hell & Thunder [1]
ヘル&サンダー Heru & Sandā Attacks with its sword of lightning and Barbamon-based sword of darkness.[1]
Heaven & Break [1]
ヘブン&ブレイク Hebun & Bureiku Attacks with its holy lance and the spikes on its grappling hand.[1]
Ice & Fire [1]
アイス&ファイア Aisu & Faia Attacks with its swords of ice and fire.[1]
Sword of Meteor [1]
ソードオブメテオ Sōdo obu Meteo Slashes repeatedly with its swords.[1]
Data to Data [1]
データトゥデータ Dēta tu Dēta Heals itself and increases its strength.[1]
Omega Death Blade [1]
Ωデスブレイド Omega Desu Bureido A furious barrage of sword attacks that electrocutes the enemy and may cause their immediate death.[1]
Mugen Sword Rain [1] Infinite Sword Rain ∞ソードレイン Mugen Sōdo Rein Rains swords on all its enemies.[1]


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Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue[edit]

Omega Armamon Burst Mode is the final boss of the game, after Armamon DigiXroses with Barbamon and the System Omega. Its main goal is to absorb the Lost Space and eventually all of the LS-tou Zone in an attempt to absorb all the data in hope of finding Dynasmon and then recreating the lost master, before being destroyed by Xros Heart for good after a fierce battle.

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