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Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Sword Masquerade [1] ソードマスカレイド Sōdo Masukareido Slashes all enemies with its sword, sometimes confusing them.[1]
Rainbow Hand [1] レインボゥハンド Reinbou Hando Unleashes light from its hand that can put its opponent to sleep.[1]
Malkut Crystal [1] マルクトクリスタル Marukuto Kurisutaru Damages an opponent with crystals, draining their energy to heal itself.[1]


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Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue[edit]

Armamon is a powerful Digimon and one of the Weapon Digimon survivors that has the power to destroy the Digital World. At some point in the past, Dynasmon used to wield it as its partner, but it was a Weapon Digimon so powerful that it got consumed by its own power and as a consequence forgot the mission of protecting the LS-tou Zone. Dynasmon did everything at that time to seal the rebellious Armamon away in Lost Spada.

After being revived in the Omega Space thanks to Barbamon, it decides that the Demon Lord isn't good enough to wield its extraordinary power, so instead it eventually turns Barbamon into its own Galactic Sword. Armamon then reveals that its original plan before being sealed by Dynasmon was to turn non-Weapon Digimon into Weapons as its own particular scheme to protect the LS-tou Zone from invaders and becoming the only Weapon Digimon by collecting all the Digimon's Digicores from the Zone into the System Omega.

Eventually, Armamon returns to the main system in order to absorb all the available information in an attempt to recreate Dynasmon's data. It then fuses with the System Omega itself to become Omega Armamon Burst Mode.

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