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Legend-Arms (「Legend-Arms」 or formerly 伝説の古代武器, Densetsu no Kodai Buki ; lit. "Legendary Ancient Weapons"), also referred to as Weapon Digimon[1] (武器デジモン, Buki Dejimon), are Digimon that specialize in carrying out transformations into giant, peerless weapons[2] based on the master they choose, and which according to legend, "if held by an angel will save the world, and if held by a demon will destroy the world." Spadamon is the last, and the strongest, of the Weapon Digimon in the LS-tou Zone and was used as a trump card to pull the Zone from the edge of defeat from invaders, but when its powers and memories were sealed and it was hidden in a different Zone. The Zone was later occupied by the invading army, and the defeated Weapon Digimon went into stasis.[1] Durandamon is the strongest sword among the Legend-Arms, and Bryweludramon is the strongest shield.[3]


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