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A Digimon whose hat has become a copper shield, with its personality turning rougher as well. It is less vigilant than before due to its equipment becoming sturdier, adopting a fearless, forward-charging personality. However, because its shield is still only made of copper, it will land itself in trouble if it gets too aggressive. Its Special Move is striking at the opponent with the sharp corners of its shield (Kankan).
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Kankan [1] Clanging カンカン Kankan Strikes at the opponent with the sharp corners of its shield.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

Two Kakkinmon are some of the Digimon that live in the volcano island in "Dance of the Heavens, Hououmon".

Kakkinmon and Caprimon from Digimon Adventure:

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