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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Mot Bomb [1] モットボム Motto Bomu Fires a self-propulsive time bomb resembling a baby Espimon/Botamon[2], as an attack or as a decoy.
Divanish [1] ダイバニッシュ Daibanisshu Presses the switch on its abdomen to apply optical camouflage to its body.


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Espimon makes his first appearance in "The Diviner", helping Gammamon rescue Amanokawa Hiro, who has been kidnapped by Doumon. Espimon continues to constantly appear in the story as a recurring character, until the events of "The Strange Floor", where Espimon synchronizes with Hiro, evolving into Hover Espimon and becoming his second partner Digimon.

Espimon in Digimon Ghost Game.
Espimon close-up in Digimon Ghost Game.
Espimon and Gammamon in Digimon Ghost Game.
Espimon using Mot Bomb in Digimon Ghost Game.
Espimon using Search Mode in Digimon Ghost Game.

Live Action[edit]

Digimon Project 2021[edit]

In "For a rematch:ESPIMON is here!", a new Tamer and his Partner, Espimon, walked towards a Gammamon hologram. The Tamer then clicked on his Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-, which caused a Raid Boss Battle Replay to start, specifically that of the Mugendramon Raid Boss, creating holograms of both Mugendramon itself and all the Digimon that fought it. The Tamer put on his headphones and both ran towards the Mugendramon hologram. Espimon turned its eyes to Search Mode, giving it information on the Digimon around it, while the Tamer stopped in fear as he almost crashed into a Bulkmon hologram. He then looked around, trying to find Espimon, who then made itself visible and flew around, dodging his Tamer's attempts at grabbing it. They then both ran together again towards the Mugendramon hologram, which disappeared as Espimon flew through it, causing the replay to end. All the other holograms soon disappeared as well, except those of Gammamon, Angoramon and Jellymon, who had a LOSE sign over them. Those three disappeared too after the Tamer touched Gammamon's hologram. The Tamer's Vital Bracelet Digivice-V- then reacted, showing that a Raid Boss Battle Rematch was about to start. It asked him to join, showing the Raid Boss Battle was between Gammamon and Mugendramon. The Tamer and Espimon looked at each other and nodded in approval, then he clicked the YES button in the hologram projected by the Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-, which turned from red to green and opened a portal, through which the duo found themselves facing a Mugendramon which roared at them. Gammamon then arrived, and the three prepared to fight.

Digimon Seekers[edit]

A group of Espimon is surrounded by the Digipolice's Commandramon in "Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue".


Digimon Dreamers[edit]

Espimon first appeared in "Steal Pulsemon!". He was spying on Pulsemon while invisible, though Pulsemon could sense that someone was observing him. His invisibility eventually wore off due to him being tempted by the Asunaro Meat's smell, which made Pulsemon think he was after it, but Bokomon explained that he was a spy. He tried to hide that he was the one observing Pulsemon, though he was really bad at it. Regardless, Pulsemon decided to give him all the information he wanted as he thought of himself as a celebrity due to someone being interested in him. Espimon took note of what Pulsemon told him, but twisted his words, which Kodou Ritsu called him out on, comparing him to a celebrity reporter, though he justified it because he wanted to make the information sound more catchy, which only convinced Ritsu, Patamon and Bokomon that he was in fact a celebrity reporter. This made Espimon confess his true intentions as a spy, to gain information on Localized Evolution which he could sell to Dr. Vademon and his research on Super Chimairamon for a high price. This convinced Pulsemon to seek Dr. Vademon himself so he could get the money for his information, which made Espimon decide that he'd catch Pulsemon alive and carry him to Dr. Vademon instead. Pulsemon attempted to charge through him with his Elec Rush, but Espimon easily avoided him and shot a Mot Bomb at him. Pulsemon thought he dodged it, but the bomb changed dimensions mid-flight to follow him, so Pulsemon blew it up with a Petit Impulse instead. This stopped the bomb, but Pulsemon was nonetheless damaged by the explosion, making Ritsu realize that Espimon may be more than they could handle.

Their fight continued in "Spy Digimon Espimon", where he proclaimed he'd capture Pulsemon alive and sell off the information of his Localized Evolution, but Pulsemon refused to let him have it. Espimon decided then to steal it with brute force and activated his Divanish, using his optical camouflage to become invisible. Pulsemon bet he was smirking somewhere close even if he couldn't see him, which annoyed Espimon, and decided to sense his presence instead of seeing him. This did not work, however, and he got beaten up by the invisible opponent. Patamon pointed out that this wasn't only because of his invisibility but also because he could move at high speeds with his boosters. Espimon then shot a Mot Bomb}, out of nowhere from Ritsu's point of view, which Pulsemon destroyed with a Petit Impulse. He then kept shooting Mot Bombs which Espimon kept destroying until one hit him on the back. Espimon advised Pulsemon to give up as he couldn't avoid Mot Bombs he couldn't predict where they'd come from. Bokomon told Ritsu to do something to cheer Pal on, making Ritsu wonder what he could do as his Tamer. A flash of inspiration came to him and he grabbed the emergency Asunaro Meat then started cooking it. This made Pulsemon happy, as he thought he'd get his power back from Ritsu's special meat, though Patamon thought it was pointless since Pulsemon still couldn't fight if he couldn't see his enemy. Ritsu was aware of this and stopped Pulsemon from eating the meat, confusing Pulsemon, then went back to cooking it, his sheer concentration surprising Pulsemon. Ritsu explained that Espimon originally revealed himself thanks to the smell of Asunaro Meat, so cooking really delicious meat should accomplish the same feat again. Pulsemon cheered him on while Espimon thought he was an idiot, since his stomach wasn't empty now so his Divanish wouldn't falter again. Bokomon, Patamon and Pulsemon panicked as the plan seemingly wasn't working, but Ritsu realized that Espimon was indeed drooling. With Espimon's location known, Pulsemon evolved his head, with the shock causing Espimon to drop his Divanish. Bokomon explained to Espimon how it interacted with Asunaro Village's curse. Espimon found it creepy, which annoyed Pulsemon who showed Espimon the power of his inner Bulkmon with a Thunder Dread, taking him down.

With the battle over, Espimon realized that Localized Evolution wasn't something Pulsemon did at will but a side-effect of the curse of Asunaro Village, and so, that information was worthless for Dr. Vademon. Ritsu asked Espimon if he knew anything about the curse, but he refused to answer until Ritsu pulled out the Asunaro Meat again. He answered that he didn't know about the curse but they may learn something if they went to Witchelny, the Digital World of a different dimension where Digimon, such as Wizarmon and Mistymon, were raised at a magical academy and used magic based on a high-level programming language. Pulsemon was fired up by this and decided to go on an adventure to Witchelny, dragging a tied-up Ritsu with him. Bokomon wanted them to make sure they were ready first and Patamon asked Espimon for more information on Witchelny, but he instead wanted to sell information on the Asunaro Meat to a gourmet site, causing Pulsemon to think he was now a blogger.

In "Wizarmon of Memory Ocean", Ritsu explained to Wizarmon that the informant, Espimon, had told them they'd find the information they needed from a Wizarmon close to the Memory Ocean, and begged him to teach them how to get to Witchelny.

Espimon using Mot Bomb in Digimon Dreamers.


Digimon Seekers[edit]

Espimon are popular Digimon among the Crack Team, as Cyborg Digimon work well with tools and therefore are a good choice for beginners.

In "1-5: Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue", four Espimon used by Crack Team members that were high school students to obtain Digitama in the Last Coast to sell them for money appeared. All of them were "bots", automatically controlled by tools. They were, however, surrounded by the Digipolice's Commandramon squads, led by Tamahime Satsuki, which were camouflaged until they showed themselves. The only Digitama they had obtained was quickly seized by them, as were their tools and everything else they had. After Satsuki's Numemon rose from underwater, the Espimon used Divanish to become invisible, evading the Commandramon's attacks thanks to the Digimon A.I. 's built-in self-defense function rather than any cracker's ability. To counter that, Satsuki had two Mechanorimon show themselves, as their powerful detectors, sensors, and other electronic warfare equipment could perceive where the camouflaged Espimon were. With a Twinkle Beam, one of the Mechanorimon managed to hit an Espimon, disabling its Divanish, causing the rest to run away, though they were all swiftly taken down anyways by the newly-arrived Pulsemon's Petit Impulse.

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