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Kanji/Kana ウィザーモン
Dub Name Wizardmon

Wizarmon is a major supporting Digimon in Digimon Dreamers. He originally comes from Witchelny, and is sought by Kodou Ritsu and Pulsemon so they can go to it.


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Adult Wizarmon
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Digimon Dreamers[edit]

Wizarmon's first appearance, without memories

A shadowed Wizarmon makes a cameo in "Spy Digimon Espimon", alongside Mistymon, during Espimon's explanation of Witchelny.

Fishing on the Memory Ocean in "Wizarmon of Memory Ocean", Wizarmon looked back upon his past self and thought to himself about where Digimon came from and where they went, and how the sounds of the waves could turn a Digimon into a poet. He was then startled by Kodou Ritsu and Pulsemon coming out of the ocean. Wizarmon asked them where they came from and Pulsemon was happy they found Wizarmon. He explained to the wizard that they were looking for him, spotted him from a nearby cliff, and dove straight off of it to go to him, to Ritsu's anger. Wizarmon then asked them who they were and Pulsemon introduced them, explaining they were looking for a way into Witchelny so they could find a hint that may help lift the evolution curse on Asunaro Village. Wizarmon seemingly didn't know what Witchelny was and Pulsemon explained it to him, then also didn't know what magic was. That made Ritsu and Pulsemon question if he truly was Wizarmon, with Ritsu further questioning the fact that he had a fishing pole instead of a staff. Wizarmon answered that he was indeed Wizarmon and he believed he had heard of Witchelny before. Some memories came to his head, namely a castle and him teaching a Phascomon and a Candmon, followed by the shadow of the terrifying Phelesmon. He then got a headache, followed by a bouquet of flowers exploding off of his head, surprising Ritsu and Pulsemon, who thought he was a stage magician. Wizarmon explained that he had amnesia and whenever he tried to remember something, he'd get headaches followed by strange occurrences. Ritsu explained that the informant, Espimon, had told them they'd find the information they needed from a Wizarmon close to the Memory Ocean, and begged him to teach them how to get to Witchelny. However, when Wizarmon thought about knowledge, the Phelesmon shadow appeared once again in his mind and he went berserk, tying Pulsemon down with his rod and knocking him down. He refused to listen to them. Pulsemon had no fear of any Adults either so long as he didn't use his finishing move, then headbutted him in the gut. Wizarmon tried to remember his finishing move, but, despite Ritsu and Pulsemon's worry, he only managed to pull out a bunch of flags from his head, causing him anger. The second attempt didn't go any better, with doves coming out instead. With one of them resting on Pulsemon's head, he told Wizarmon that he had neat magic. He then jumped into Wizarmon's open head to search for the information on Witchelny himself. Wizarmon's hat shut down, then Pulsemon came out of it as if performing a magic trick. This only angered Wizarmon further and he once again tied up and knocked down Pulsemon with his fishing rod, now stomping on his head as well. Ritsu asked him to stop as they only wanted to go to Witchelny, but Wizarmon's anger only kept growing. Pulsemon woke up his inner Bulkmon, evolving his head, which confused Wizarmon. He then used a Thunder Dread on Wizarmon to stop him, which caused Wizarmon to acknowledge that Pulsemon had several tricks of his own.

After recovering, Wizarmon apologised for losing his composure, but added he could do nothing for Ritsu and Pulsemon in his current state, only quietly ponder his past as he cast his fishing rod into the sea. Suddenly, something said it felt a tremendous magical power. Said something was Dagomon, who rose from the sea, shocking Ritsu and Pulsemon.

Afterwards, in "The Pulse of Resurrection", Dagomon introduced themselves and explained that they sensed Wizarmon's magical powers from the depths of the ocean and they decided to take them, though Wizarmon managed to avoid their tentacle strike. Dagomon also calmly told Pulsemon they had no quarry with him, they just wanted Wizarmon's powers, as they had stolen magical power from a great number of Digimon in the past but his was unique and it'd take them one step closer to being the ruler of the seas. Wizarmon was surprised that such an incredible power was dormant inside him and tried to remember how to use it, only for a headache to come and a bouquet of flowers to erupt from his head. Dagomon was confused about that and Pulsemon explained that Wizarmon had amnesia, which Dagomon was happy about as it meant they could take his powers with little resistance. Kodou Ritsu and Pulsemon refused to let them, causing Pulsemon's head to evolve. This made Dagomon think that Pulsemon and Wizarmon were the octopi due to their big heads, which struck them as hypocritical. Pal was then quickly taken down by Dagomon, who prayed for their defeated opponent, telling him to regret his defiance against them, then attacked Wizarmon. Pal got up again and bit Dagomon's tentacle, which did nothing but anger Dagomon who tied him down then threw him against a rock. Wizarmon told him to stay back and save himself but he refused, and Wizarmon didn't understand why, so he asked Ritsu as Pulsemon's Tamer to take him out of the battle. Ritsu said he would if he could, but Pulsemon added that they needed to get to Witchelny to find out how to get rid of the curse of Asunaro Village so they couldn't abandon him, because all of their friends who desperately wanted to evolve were counting on them. Wizarmon realized that the feeling this gave him was one he had felt before, and finally managed to remember the shadow he kept seeing was Phelesmon. Furthermore, he remembered that Phelesmon had badly wounded him in the past while fighting alongside Leomon, Tailmon and Numemon in Witchelny. Leomon told him to seek refuge in another world as he was wounded and Phelesmon was after him, then come back once he was healed, and pushed him into a portal. Since then, he had lost all his memories.

With newfound resolve, Wizarmon thanked Ritsu and Pulsemon, and told Dagomon he would not fall as he had friends waiting for him too so he had to return to Witchelny, confirming he had recovered his memories. Wizarmon's hat once again opened, which made Dagomon think another octopus-like object would come out of Wizarmon's head, but instead what came out was Wizarmon's staff. With it in hand, Wizarmon proclaimed he was a sorcerer of Witchelny. Continuing in "Thunder Cloud", Pulsemon crawled all over Wizarmon, as he felt the same kind of pulse from him that the one he had. Dagomon then switched his focus to Wizarmon, unafraid of him getting his power and memories back, but Wizarmon told him that his power was too much for them to handle. Dagomon then summoned their Forbidden Trident and tried to stab Wizarmon with it while warning him not to underestimate a Perfect Digimon. However, the attack was blocked by a magic circle Wizarmon used as a shield, which he claimed was his own original skill. Pulsemon made up a name for it but Wizarmon rejected it. Dagomon thought of Wizarmon's tremendous potential and wondered if he had it because he came from a different dimension, while Ritsu realized that Wizarmon wasn't an average Digimon if he could make a Perfect Digimon like Dagomon recoil in fear. Dagomon then tried to crush Wizarmon with their tentacles, but they were blocked by Wizarmon's shields. They then used their leg tentacles as well, which got Ritsu to tell Wizarmon to run away, but he merely sliced them all by using his magical circle shield as a blade. Wizarmon then told Dagomon they were unfit to steal his power after all and surrounded them with clouds which then released Wizarmon's Thunder Cloud. Ritsu was taken aback by the lightning, while Pulsemon released sparks while happily looking at the attack. Ritsu realized Pulsemon was resonating because he was a fellow electric type and wondered if that was why Pulsemon had been in sync with Wizarmon since his memories came back.

With Dagomon defeated and back underwater, Pulsemon was excited about how powerful Wizarmon was and took his staff because he wanted to be just as strong, though Wizarmon pointed out that just having his staff wouldn't be enough to match him. Nonetheless, he thanked Ritsu and Pal for their help in regaining his memories. Ritsu asked him to explain things in more detail, and Wizarmon told him that Witchelny couldn't fulfill their hopes as it was now.

Wizarmon arrived to the fight with Devimon in "Potential". Leomon and Ghostmon realized at the same time he was back, the latter of which went to him, with Wizarmon asking them if they were alright. After Devimon ran away, Leomon told Wizarmon that he was glad he was back and so would be everyone else.

At Leomon and co.'s secret hideout, Mojyamon, Numemon and Tailmon welcomed Wizarmon back. Tailmon asked him if his injuries had healed which he confirmed and added that he was glad they were alright. Mojyamon and Numemon explained that, while Wizarmon was gone, they gave magical lessons and collected information on how to defeat Phelesmon. Pulsemon proclaimed he'd defeat Phelesmon, causing Leomon to ask Wizarmon what was up with him. Wizarmon introduced them to Ritsu and Pal, who helped him get back to Witchelny from the alternate Digital World. Later on, Wizarmon, Tailmon, Leomon, Mojyamon, Numemon, and a tied-up Ritsu, left the secret hideout, with Ghostmon waving them goodbye.

The group arrived at the Brocken Magical Academy, which had been transformed into Phelesmon's castle, in "Infiltrate the Demon Castle". However, before they could get there, a swarm of Evilmon attacked them. Leomon and Wizarmon easily took care of them, but the ground then shook due to a Darkside Quake from Minotaurmon, who appeared alongside Dark Lizamon and Cyclomon to punish those who defied Phelesmon. With Leomon and Mojyamon taking on Cyclomon and Dark Lizamon, respectively, Leomon told Wizarmon to keep going, which he did alongside Ritsu, Pulsemon, and Tailmon; with Minotaurmon incapable of blocking them.

As they ran, they heard a growl, which came from Devimon, who was blocking their way and seemed far more unhinged than before, with a beastly posture and his tongue sticking out. Pulsemon tried to fight Devimon, but Devimon easily dodged or countered his attacks, though he was ultimately blocked by Wizarmon's magic barrier, who then made Devimon back off with a magic attack. Ritsu tried to stop Pulsemon, realizing that Devimon seemed more ferocious than before. Tailmon and Wizarmon pointed out he had been magically enhanced, and the latter explained that it was the standard way of powering up in Witchelny, as Digimon could increase their power by more than 50% what a regular evolution would do by casting magic on themselves. Tailmon added that particularly talented Digimon could magically enhance other Digimon too. Wizarmon also added that Devimon had been further magically enhanced by Phelesmon's Demon's Shout.

Continuing in "VS Devimon", Wizarmon explained that Demon's Shout was an ability Phelesmon used to control other Digimon with their voice, which they used to disseminate their speech throughout Witchelny to sway popular opinion toward the abandonment of magic, and to which Wizarmon had suffered defeat to once before. In the past, Wizarmon fought Phelesmon, who used their Demon's Shout to force him to run his staff through his chest. However, thanks to his strong will, Wizarmon managed to resist and only stabbed himself in the leg instead. Phelesmon repeated their command, but Wizarmon's companions arrived and saved him. As Wizarmon explained, the combination of Demon's Shout and the magical enhancement had turned Devimon into a savage beast with no sense of self. Ritsu was shocked that Phelesmon would do such a thing. Pulsemon tried attacking Devimon once again with his evolved arm, but he lost against Devimon's Death Claw, which had grown much bigger. Wizarmon got Pal out of the way and ordered Ritsu to hide behind some rocks. Pal got angry because of how unfair that was: Devimon had magic and Phelesmon's Demon's Shout backing them up, while Pal didn't take shortcuts, he only had the muscles he built up with daily training, and he believed in them - but he also believed in magic so he asked Wizarmon to make him stronger. Wizarmon pointed out that Pal's momentary boost in power could surpass many Adult Digimon but he was still at a disadvantage against Devimon and suddenly using magical enhancement could overload his body so he would fight instead, only for Pal to ride him because he wanted to fight too. Wizarmon reminded him that he was the one who told Ghostmon not to push themself and tried to get Ritsu to stop Pal, only for Ritsu to actually agree with him since he wanted to see the magic in action too, so he asked Wizarmon to use his magical enhancement on Pal. Wizarmon shouted that he should be scolding him, but Ritsu wanted to see the magical cheat code, something Tailmon took as an insult as it took a lot of practice and hard work to learn magic. As Ritsu and Pal danced and chanted "magic", Tailmon asked Wizarmon why he even brought them there, which he couldn't answer. Pal goaded the magic-users by telling them their magic sucked; Wizarmon didn't fall for it, but Tailmon did, proclaiming that magic that enhanced the strength of her companions was her specialty, and decided to go for it even if she had been worried before. Wizarmon tried to stop her but she did it, claiming no responsibility if anything went wrong, and shot a magic blast from her magic stick to Pal.

In "Terrifying Demon's Shout", after Pulsemon defeated Devimon, he fainted, with Wizarmon explaining that his body couldn't withstand the electrical discharge caused by the sudden magical enhancement. Ritsu was worried, but then Pal's stomach growled and he asked for meat, making Ritsu realize that he was just hungry. As Ritsu prepared him meat and Pal ate it, Wizarmon and Tailmon commented on how he expelled a lot of electricity and he was very tough, which Pal credited to his training. He then asked what had happened to Devimon and Wizarmon explained they had escaped into the castle. Said castle's door then opened, with Wizarmon taking it as a provocation from Phelesmon, one the three Digimon willingly accepted, to Ritsu's shock.

As Devimon tried to crush their own head, Ritsu and the others arrived to Phelesmon's throne room, Ritsu realized the Digimon on the throne was Phelesmon, who acknowledged Wizarmon was there and was greeted in return. Angered by being insulted by Phelesmon, Pulsemon tried to evolve his arm, only for it to fail. Wizarmon told him he hadn't fully recovered yet and that this was his fight. He then proclaimed to Phelesmon that this time, he would defeat them and take back the academy and all the knowledge that they stole. Phelesmon, in return, told him they'd finish him off this time. As both Digimon fought, Tailmon reminded Wizarmon not to lower his guard as Phelesmon would take that chance to control him with Demon's Shout. They seemed perfectly matched, with every attack being dodged or blocked, until Wizarmon jumped to prepare an attack, which Ritsu realized would leave him unable to dodge. Phelesmon used their Demon's Shout on Wizarmon while mocking his attack, which terrified Tailmon, but Wizarmon was unaffected by it and slashed Phelesmon with his lightning-charged staff. Wizarmon then reminded Phelesmon that he said that technique would not work on him again, thus he was the dim-witted one.

In "Power of Knowledge", Wizarmon demonstrated it, summoning various magic circles, then making them smaller and sending them into Pulsemon's and Tailmon's ears. Tailmon realized that, by equipping themselves with the magic shield, Demon's Shout became ineffective. Phelesmon thought about how Wizarmon's command of his shield was proof of his abnormal potential and wondered if he was an X. Wizarmon then conjured clouds around Phelesmon while proclaiming the fight over. Phelesmon was confused about the clouds while Ritsu and Pulsemon knew it was the move he had used to defeat Dagomon, Thunder Cloud. Ritsu, Pulsemon and Tailmon thought the fight was over, but Phelesmon merely laughed, unhurt, and reappeared with a suit of black armour that powered them up as much as an evolution. Wizarmon tried attacking Phelesmon with an electrically-charged staff, but it did nothing and Wizarmon was sent flying with a strike from Phelesmon's trident, as they boasted that the armour enhanced their power as much as an evolution and that it also enhanced the power of their attacks, which they demonstrated by using Demon's Shout on Wizarmon again, ordering him to use Thunder Cloud on Tailmon. The mind-controlled Wizarmon then turned to his allies. Pulsemon tried to stop him with an Elec Rush but Wizarmon merely smacked him with his staff to stop him. Ritsu realized that Wizarmon was completely under Phelesmon's control and the clouds appeared around Tailmon. Pulsemon ordered Wizarmon to stop, but Phelesmon pointed out it was useless as he had completely succumbed to their Demon's Shout. Pulsemon tried to shoo and blow the clouds away to no avail. Phelesmon ordered Wizarmon to hit them with double the electricity that felled Dagomon, which he did, but the attack was fully absorbed by Pulsemon, who was now sparking.

Mistymon behind Wizarmon

Mistymon is shown behind Wizarmon in the cover of "The World of 0 and 1", as Wizarmon's limitless potential.

In the chapter proper, Pal then evolved his head, which surprised Phelesmon, and used Thunder Dread on Wizarmon to snap him out of Phelesmon's Demon's Shout, to Tailmon's shock. This was successful, though it ended Pal's super charged state. Later on, Tailmon thought there was no way through Phelesmon's black armour, while Ritsu realized that, if the armour was another form of Phelesmon's Demon's Shout, then they could maybe cancel it with a super-charged electric attack like Pal did to Wizarmon earlier. Tailmon denied that, as even Thunder Cloud wasn't enough, but Wizarmon pointed out they still had Bolt Break, which Tailmon rejected. Ritsu asked what Bolt Break was, and Tailmon explained that some Digimon were able to draw from the power that slept within their Digicore, including Wizarmon, who could use it for the legendary electric attack, Bolt Break. However, his body would not be able to take that much electricity. Pal criticized Tailmon's worrying, pointing out she did the same with him earlier, but Tailmon just screamed at him that that electrical energy surpassed even that of Thunder Cloud, so it was too dangerous. Phelesmon said they could do nothing against their black armour and they'd bury them all, and Wizarmon answered that Phelesmon'd be the one getting buried. Tailmon tried to stop him, but Wizarmon was willing to do anything to protect the world. Instead, it was Ritsu who stopped him, pointing out he had an idea.

Wizarmon's Medieval Dukemon potential

Continuing in "Wizarmon's Future", Wizarmon asked Ritsu what his plan was. Phelesmon thought it was pointless, since their black armour, born out of the fusion of their Black Statue and Demon's Shout, was practically invincible, so Wizarmon would just reduce himself to ash trying to harm it. Ritsu pointed out it was possible if Pulsemon's electrification worked as a battery. Wizarmon realized he meant that Pulsemon would retain the electricity as an external batery. Tailmon wondered how, and Pulsemon grabbed onto Wizarmon's hat, entering his "External Battery Mode". Phelesmon thought they were mocking him, but their expression changed as Wizarmon put his hand over his chest and called out to his Digicore, causing it to become visible, and then to shine as he started accumulating energy, with electricity pouring out of his entire body, which Pal then absorbed. Phelesmon saw the aura of Wizarmon's potential as Medieval Dukemon coming out of Wizarmon, making them realize that what he had was not an exceptional Digicore known as the X-Factor, but the latent power to evolve into a Medieval Dukemon, and that meant they had to kill him at once. Tailmon tried to stop them with a Neko Punch to their eye, and Phelesmon punched her out of the way. Ritsu went to Tailmon as Wizarmon kept powering up, with Tailmon pointing out that Bolt Break was an electric shock powerful enough to cause quantum disintegration. She then cheered both Pal and Wizarmon on, as did Ritsu, who believed that Pal's inner Bulkmon that he trained so hard could withstand it. Wizarmon then finally launched his Bolt Break at Phelesmon, completely shattering their black armour. Ritsu happily ran to them, Wizarmon thanked Pal but pointed out that his body might bug out after that, and a bugged-out Pal fell to the ground, worrying Ritsu.

Despite the power behind the attack, however, Phelesmon rose once again, now convinced they had to kill Wizarmon before he had a chance to evolve, or else his latent power would jeopardize their ambitions. They then summoned their trident, as Ritsu looked surprised at how even Bolt Break wasn't enough to destroy them alongside their black armour. Phelesmon rushed at Wizarmon, but their trident was caught and they were hit by electricity from the now fully-evolved Bulkmon.

In "A Dream to Evolve", Wizarmon was surprised by the newly-evolved Bulkmon's power as he punched Phelesmon in the face, sending them flying. Ritsu was surprised at how Pal could now control his electricity at will, Tailmon had never heard of a Bulkmon with such an ability, and Wizarmon wondered if there was something special about Pal's Digicore. Wizarmon was then shocked once again as Pal grew wings of electricity to pursue Phelesmon.

Tailmon and Wizarmon were surprised at Pal's victory over Phelesmon in "Kodou Ritsu". After Pal devolved from Bulkmon, Wizarmon cheered him up by giving him the book with the spell to undo the anti-evolution curse, known as the New Earth Archives, which he found in the restored library. Pal and Wizarmon then bumped fists, as they shared their goodbyes to each other, and Ritsu and Pal returned to their world.

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