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"Terrifying Demon's Shout"
Japanese "Terrifying Demon's Shout"
Kanji/Kana 恐怖のデーモンズシャウト
Romanization "Kyōfu no Dēmonzu Shauto"
English "The Terrifying Demon's Shout"
Release Date Japan April 4, 2023
English October 29, 2023
"Power of Knowledge"

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Chapter #19 of Digimon Dreamers



Pulsemon managed to defeat Devimon with an Electrical Fist, which Kodou Ritsu considered his best yet. He then fainted, with Wizarmon explaining that his body couldn't withstand the electrical discharge caused by the sudden magical enhancement. Ritsu was worried, but then Pal's stomach growled and he asked for meat, making Ritsu realize that he was just hungry. As Ritsu prepared him meat and Pal ate it, Wizarmon and Tailmon commented on how he expelled a lot of electricity and he was very tough, which Pal credited to his training. He then asked what had happened to Devimon and Wizarmon explained they had escaped into the castle. Said castle's door then opened, with Wizarmon taking it as a provocation from Phelesmon, one the three Digimon willingly accepted, to Ritsu's shock.

Devimon kneeled before Phelesmon in their throne room. The latter considered the former running away as them disgracing their Demon's Shout and ordered them to kill themselves with their Death Claw. As Devimon tried to crush their own head, Ritsu and the others arrived, with Ritsu finding this awful, then realized the Digimon on the throne was Phelesmon, who acknowledged Wizarmon was there and was greeted in return. Pulsemon ordered Phelesmon to give everyone in Witchelny their knowledge of magic back, but Phelesmon refused to as knowledge was power and ruling the world was much simpler when their subjects were fools, even if it meant some would be foolish enough to stand against him like Pulsemon. Angered by the insult, Pulsemon tried to evolve his arm, only for it to fail. Wizarmon told him he hadn't fully recovered yet and that this was his fight. He then proclaimed to Phelesmon that this time, he would defeat them and take back the academy and all the knowledge that they stole. Phelesmon, in return, told him they'd finish him off this time. As both Digimon fought, Tailmon reminded Wizarmon not to lower his guard as Phelesmon would take that chance to control him with Demon's Shout. They seemed perfectly matched, with every attack being dodged or blocked, until Wizarmon jumped to prepare an attack, which Ritsu realized would leave him unable to dodge. Phelesmon used their Demon's Shout on Wizarmon while mocking his attack, which terrified Tailmon, but Wizarmon was unaffected by it and slashed Phelesmon with his lightning-charged staff. Wizarmon then reminded Phelesmon that he said that technique would not work on him again, thus he was the dim-witted one.

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