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"VS Devimon"
Japanese "VS Devimon"
Kanji/Kana VSデビモン
Romanization "Viesu Debimon"
English "Devimon Showdown"
Release Date Japan March 3, 2023
English October 22, 2023
"Terrifying Demon's Shout"

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"Infiltrate the Demon Castle"

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Chapter #18 of Digimon Dreamers



Wizarmon explained that Demon's Shout was an ability Phelesmon used to control other Digimon with their voice, which they used to disseminate their speech throughout Witchelny to sway popular opinion toward the abandonment of magic, and to which Wizarmon had suffered defeat to once before. In the past, Wizarmon fought Phelesmon, who used their Demon's Shout to force him to run his staff through his chest. However, thanks to his strong will, Wizarmon managed to resist and only stabbed himself in the leg instead. Phelesmon repeated their command, but Wizarmon's companions arrived and saved him. As Wizarmon explained, the combination of Demon's Shout and the magical enhancement had turned Devimon into a savage beast with no sense of self. Kodou Ritsu was shocked that Phelesmon would do such a thing. Pulsemon tried attacking Devimon once again with his evolved arm, but he lost against Devimon's Death Claw, which had grown much bigger. Wizarmon got Pal out of the way and ordered Ritsu to hide behind some rocks. Pal accepted that paper beats rock, though Ritsu pointed out that wasn't the issue here. Pal misunderstood this as Ritsu saying that, with a bigger fist, his rock could defeat Devimon's paper, though again Ritsu answered that wasn't the problem. Pal got angry because of how unfair that was: Devimon had magic and Phelesmon's Demon's Shout backing them up, while Pal didn't take shortcuts, he only had the muscles he built up with daily training, and he believed in them - but he also believed in magic so he asked Wizarmon to make him stronger. Tailmon snarked about how Pulsemon said he didn't take shortcuts, not that magic was a shortcut, but Pal thought their magic seemed legit so it was all good and ordered Tailmon to hook him up with some magic, which angered her as he made it sound like magic was some weird drug. Wizarmon pointed out that Pal's momentary boost in power could surpass many Adult Digimon but he was still at a disadvantage against Devimon and suddenly using magical enhancement could overload his body so he would fight instead, only for Pal to ride him because he wanted to fight too. Wizarmon reminded him that he was the one who told Ghostmon not to push themself and tried to get Ritsu to stop Pal, only for Ritsu to actually agree with him since he wanted to see the magic in action too, so he asked Wizarmon to use his magical enhancement on Pal. Wizarmon shouted that he should be scolding him, but Ritsu wanted to see the magical cheat code, something Tailmon took as an insult as it took a lot of practice and hard work to learn magic. As Ritsu and Pal danced and chanted "magic", Tailmon asked Wizarmon why he even brought them there, which he couldn't answer. Pal goaded the magic-users by telling them their magic sucked; Wizarmon didn't fall for it, but Tailmon did, proclaiming that magic that enhanced the strength of her companions was her specialty, and decided to go for it even if she had been worried before. Wizarmon tried to stop her but she did it, claiming no responsibility if anything went wrong, and shot a magic blast from her magic stick to Pal. Pal started shooting sparks all over his body and claimed he was full of energy, which made Ritsu happy. Devimon went for another Death Claw, but Pal showed him the power of his super-charged inner Bulkmon with an even stronger rock that could beat paper, an Electrical Fist that pierced through Devimon's hand and punched them in the face.

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