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"Infiltrate the Demon Castle"
Japanese "Infiltrate the Demon Castle"
Kanji/Kana 魔城潜入
Romanization "Majō Sennyū"
English "Infiltrating the Magic Castle"
Release Date Japan February 3, 2023
English October 15, 2023
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Chapter #17 of Digimon Dreamers



The group arrived at the Brocken Magical Academy, which had been transformed into Phelesmon's castle. Numemon and Mojyamon determined what the best route to Phelesmon was. However, before they could get there, a swarm of Evilmon attacked them. Leomon and Wizarmon easily took care of them, but the ground then shook due to a Darkside Quake from Minotaurmon, who appeared alongside Dark Lizamon and Cyclomon to punish those who defied Phelesmon. He challenged the group to come at him, only for Cyclomon to attack Leomon instead. Minotaurmon complained about his ally, but seeing the fight between Cyclomon and Leomon decided to just let them go at it. Mojyamon then challenged Dark Lizamon, blocking their Dread Fire with his Icicle Rod. Leomon then told Wizarmon to keep going, which he did alongside Kodou Ritsu, Pulsemon, and Tailmon; with Minotaurmon incapable of blocking them. Instead, Numemon challenged him. Minotaurmon seemed confused, which made Numemon think he didn't think Numemon was a worthy opponent for him, but instead he was worried about Numemon's signature move: Unchi Nage, which left him crying.

Running forth, Ritsu was happy at how easy everything had been so far, but Tailmon reminded him that was because of everyone's efforts. They then heard a growl, which came from Devimon, who was blocking their way and seemed far more unhinged than before, with a beastly posture and his tongue sticking out. Pulsemon attacked Devimon in rage from getting thrown off the sky earlier, Tailmon tried to stop him as it was too dangerous, but it was too late and Pulsemon got punched in the stomach. Pulsemon tried to counter by evolving his arm, but Devimon just dodged him and tried to attack him again, though he was blocked by Wizarmon's magic barrier, who then made Devimon back off with a magic attack. Ritsu tried to stop Pulsemon, realizing that Devimon seemed more ferocious than before. Tailmon and Wizarmon pointed out he had been magically enhanced, and the latter explained that it was the standard way of powering up in Witchelny, as Digimon could increase their power by more than 50% what a regular evolution would do by casting magic on themselves. Tailmon added that particularly talented Digimon could magically enhance other Digimon too. Ritsu thought of Ghostmon and realized why Digimon in Witchenly who couldn't learn magic weren't able to grow any stronger, and that ordinary attacks weren't enough to claim victory in Witchelny. Wizarmon also added that Devimon had been further magically enhanced by Phelesmon's Demon's Shout.

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