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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Electrical Fist [1] エレクトリカルフィスト Erekutorikaru Fisuto Sends the enemy flying with a blow from its electricity-laced fist.
Thunder Dread [1] サンダードレッド Sandā Doreddo Unleashes an electric attack by discharging the electrical energy stored in its horn.


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Live Action[edit]

Digimon Project 2021[edit]

In "Digimon Identified Memory", after the area boss, Tyranomon, is revealed, Pulsemon evolves into Bulkmon. Tyranomon rushes at Bulkmon and tries to strike at it with its tail, only for Bulkmon to grab it and swing Tyranomon away. Tyranomon then shoots a Fire Breath at them, only for Bulkmon to punch it, with his Tamer once again doing the exact same movement, destroying it with ease. Bulkmon then counterattacks, beating its own chest before releasing an electric wave through the floor, which destroys Tyranomon. The overlay shows a big, yellow WIN, and the Tamer and his Digimon fist bump and high five each other, followed by the overlay proclaiming they've cleared the Adventure Mission.

During "VITAL BRACELET Lab", Bulkmon and his Tamer have a rematch against Greymon and his Tamer. Greymon shoots a Mega Flame at Bulkmon, who counters with Thunder Dread. Unlike their last match, both moves are equal to each other and neither Digimon are hurt. Greymon and Bulkmon then rush at each other, but before they can clash, the Battle Arena is covered in the same WARNING signs that appeared in the Lab after Palmon's Tamer accidentally started a Raid Boss Battle, and it goes black.

In "BE STRONG WITH YOU", Bulkmon and his Tamer face said Raid Boss, Black War Greymon. They calm their heightened heartbeat, and then Bulkmon rushes at Black War Greymon. It attempts to punch the Ultimate, but the latter easily avoids it, before trying to slam it with both of its hands, though Bulkmon protects itself and pushes Black War Greymon away. Black War Greymon then throws a Gaia Force at Bulkmon, which pushes him back. The connection between Bulkmon and his Tamer causes the latter to also be hit, pushing him off the building. However, to save him, Greymon evolves into Rize Greymon and catches him in mid-air. Rize Greymon then returns to the building, with both Bulkmon's Tamer and Palmon riding it. Now united, the three Tamers and their Partner Digimon, including Peti Meramon, prepare to fight Black War Greymon, as an overlay states that the Raid Battle now begins. A blue EVOLUTION! ring appears around Bulkmon's Tamer, and Bulkmon once again rushes at Black War Greymon as it evolves, pushing them both off the building. Black War Greymon manages to get Bulkmon off it, only for Bulkmon to complete its evolution into Boutmon and stop itself by punching the building and standing on it, defying gravity.

In "Next Chapter: DIGIVICE-V-", a separate Bulkmon was the Partner Digimon of a Tamer that joined Gammamon's, Jellymon's and Angoramon's Tamers alongside several other Tamers from all over the world as Support Attackers to face the Raid Boss, Mugendramon.

Bulkmon in Digimon Project 2021: "Digimon Identified Memory".


Digimon Dreamers[edit]

Bulkmon is the partner of Kodou Ritsu.

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