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Kanji/Kana 進化する夢
Romanization "Shinka suru Yume"
Release Date Japan January 4, 2024
English January 3, 2024

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Chapter #23 of Digimon Dreamers



Phelesmon pointed out that all the electricity had caused a bug that allowed Pal, now a Bulkmon, to evolve into an Adult. Pal answered by punching them in the face, sending them flying, surprising Kodou Ritsu, Wizarmon and Tailmon. For Pal, his evolution hadn't been caused by a bug, but by Ritsu's support. Phelesmon shot energy blasts at Pal, who blocked the first with a shield of electricity, dodged the rest, then tried to hit Phelesmon with a double ax-handle, but they dodged it. Pal declared it was his turn now, and shot Phelesmon with multiple small spheres of electricity followed by a much bigger one. Ritsu was surprised at how Pal could now control his electricity at will, Tailmon had never heard of a Bulkmon with such an ability, and Wizarmon wondered if there was something special about Pal's Digicore. Pal punched Phelesmon in the face again, causing them to retreat through a hole in the wall. Pal tried to pursue them, but Tailmon pointed out he couldn't fly. Pal asked Ritsu to back him up, confusing Tailmon.

Ritsu thought about how he liked Digimon because he was fascinated with the concept of evolution. Because of that, he thought about deleting Pal as he wouldn't evolve in the game, but he didn't do it because he felt sympathy for him as someone who was hesitant to grow up. However, he had been wrong about Pal, who worked hard to be able to evolve and kept training for his dream of being the strongest Digimon in spite of Asunaro Village's curse. Ritsu knew Pal's strength and courage were resonating inside him and wanted his words, his pulse, to empower him. He screamed at Pal to fly so they could evolve their dreams and make them a reality. This caused Pal to grow wings of electricity, shocking Wizarmon, Tailmon and Phelesmon. Ritsu himself was amazed at the potential Pal had. Pal's Digicore pounded, and with its power, he hit Phelesmon with a Core Electrical Fist.

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