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Japanese "KODOU RITSU"
Kanji/Kana 鼓堂リツ
Romanization "Kodō Ritsu"
English "RITSU KODO"
Release Date Japan February 4, 2024
English February 3, 2024

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"Kodou Ritsu"

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Chapter #24 of Digimon Dreamers



Kodou Ritsu stared at Pal, as the winged Bulkmon, and the punched Phelesmon, while thinking about how a rush of courage pulsed through him. Proclaiming the end of the fight, Pal kicked Phelesmon down. Tailmon and Wizarmon were surprised at his victory. Phelesmon realized he was about to fade away and begged Barbamon to save him, which caused Barbamon to appear to him. However, he had no intentions of saving his subordinate, and instead decided to rethink their plan to invade Witchelny, as Wizarmon's formidable potential was about to awaken thanks to his encounter with Pulsemon. This meant he couldn't carelessly intervene, thus, he abandoned Phelesmon, who crashed to the ground close to Leomon, Mojyamon and Numemon, then died.

With Phelesmon's defeat, the Brocken Magical Academy was freed and Ghostmon and the rest could pursue their education once again. Ghostmon himself was amazed at Pal's evolution and Leomon thanked him for their victory, which got a shy reaction from him, and he attributed his victory to Ritsu cheering on him harder than ever before. Numemon explained that Digimon were influenced by their partner's desire to grow. Pal showed off that he not only evolved, but got really good at controlling electricity too, by summoning his wings. Ghostmon asked him if they worked, and he offered to take him for a ride, only to then devolve once again into Pulsemon, to everyone's shock. Mojyamon and Numemon wondered if his evolution was a temporary bug caused by Wizarmon's intense electricity. Pal was saddened as he thought he had finally managed to evolve, but Wizarmon cheered him up by giving him the book with the spell to undo the anti-evolution curse, known as the New Earth Archives, which he found in the restored library. Ritsu pointed out that Bokomon should be able to undo the curse with the book, and Pal was cheerful once more, as that would lead him to evolve even further, until he became the strongest Ultimate-level Digimon ever. Ritsu pointed out that evolution was always the number one thing on his mind. Pal and Wizarmon bumped fists, as they shared their goodbyes to each other, and Ritsu and Pal returned to their world.

As Ritsu returned, he thought about how evolution was the trial-and-error process that all living beings went through to make their lives better in the future, and about his own future too, wondering if he could make his own dreams evolve into reality.

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