Phelesmon (Dreamers)

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Kanji/Kana フェレスモン
Dub Name Feresmon

Phelesmon is the main villain in the Witchelny Arc of Digimon Dreamers, as well as Wizarmon's biggest enemy.


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Digimon Dreamers[edit]

During "Wizarmon of Memory Ocean", any time Wizarmon would try to remember anything about Witchelny, a shadow of Phelesmon would appear in his mind, causing him headaches and to go out of control.

After Kodou Ritsu and Pulsemon refused to abandom him in "The Pulse of Resurrection", Wizarmon realized that the feeling this gave him was one he had felt before, and finally managed to remember the shadow he kept seeing was Phelesmon. Furthermore, he remembered that Phelesmon had badly wounded him in the past while fighting alongside Leomon, Tailmon and Numemon in Witchelny. Leomon told him to seek refuge in another world as he was wounded and Phelesmon was after him, then come back once he was healed, and pushed him into a portal.

In "Witchelny's Disaster", Wizarmon explained how Witchelny was a world of Digimon who used magic, centered around the Brocken Magical Academy until a Digimon appeared and used their magic to cause a massive incident. Phelesmon then claimed that learning magic led to the birth of dangerous Digimon and insisted on prohibiting it in the name of peace, calling for the closure of Brocken. In hopes of peace, and brainwashed by Phelesmon's Demon's Shout, the Digimon of Witchelny agreed, but instead Phelesmon took the chance to rule with an iron fist using their army. Digimon that kept practicing magic were imprisoned, while those that resisted were killed, leading to the present day where young Digimon were not able to learn magic at all, and thus, incapable of growing, no one could oppose Phelesmon anymore.

At some point between "Witchelny's Disaster" and "Infiltrate the Demon Castle", Phelesmon both magically enhanced and used their Demon's Shout on Devimon, powering them up while turning them into a savage beast.

In "VS Devimon", after seeing Devimon's state, Wizarmon remembered how he had fought Phelesmon in the past, who used their Demon's Shout to force him to run his staff through his chest. However, thanks to his strong will, Wizarmon managed to resist and only stabbed himself in the leg instead. Phelesmon repeated their command, but Wizarmon's companions arrived and saved him.

In "Terrifying Demon's Shout", after Devimon ran away, Phelesmon's castle's door opened, with Wizarmon taking it as a provocation from Phelesmon, one the three Digimon willingly accepted, to Ritsu's shock.

Devimon kneeled before Phelesmon in their throne room. The latter considered the former running away as them disgracing their Demon's Shout and ordered them to kill themselves with their Death Claw. As Devimon tried to crush their own head, Ritsu and the others arrived, with Ritsu finding this awful, then realized the Digimon on the throne was Phelesmon, who acknowledged Wizarmon was there and was greeted in return. Pulsemon ordered Phelesmon to give everyone in Witchelny their knowledge of magic back, but Phelesmon refused to as knowledge was power and ruling the world was much simpler when their subjects were fools, even if it meant some would be foolish enough to stand against him like Pulsemon. Angered by the insult, Pulsemon tried to evolve his arm, only for it to fail. Wizarmon told him he hadn't fully recovered yet and that this was his fight. He then proclaimed to Phelesmon that this time, he would defeat them and take back the academy and all the knowledge that they stole. Phelesmon, in return, told him they'd finish him off this time. As both Digimon fought, Tailmon reminded Wizarmon not to lower his guard as Phelesmon would take that chance to control him with Demon's Shout. They seemed perfectly matched, with every attack being dodged or blocked, until Wizarmon jumped to prepare an attack, which Ritsu realized would leave him unable to dodge. Phelesmon used their Demon's Shout on Wizarmon while mocking his attack, which terrified Tailmon, but Wizarmon was unaffected by it and slashed Phelesmon with his lightning-charged staff. Wizarmon then reminded Phelesmon that he said that technique would not work on him again, thus he was the dim-witted one.

Phelesmon equipped with their black armour

In "Power of Knowledge", Wizarmon demonstrated it, summoning various magic circles, then making them smaller and sending them into Pulsemon's and Tailmon's ears. Tailmon realized that, by equipping themselves with the magic shield, Demon's Shout became ineffective. Phelesmon thought about how Wizarmon's command of his shield was proof of his abnormal potential and wondered if he was an X. Wizarmon then conjured clouds around Phelesmon while proclaiming the fight over. Phelesmon was confused about the clouds while Ritsu and Pulsemon knew it was the move he had used to defeat Dagomon, Thunder Cloud. Ritsu, Pulsemon and Tailmon thought the fight was over, but Phelesmon merely laughed, unhurt. Ritsu wondered if Phelesmon had evolved, which Tailmon found impossible, because their shape had suddenly changed, with them being equipped with black armour all over their body now. The colour made Tailmon realize that Phelesmon had combined their techniques. Phelesmon praised Tailmon's cleverness and how well-learned she was in the ways of magic, and Tailmon explained that Phelesmon's Black Statue turned their enemies into stone, which they combined with Demon's Shout to create their black armour. Phelesmon confirmed this, explaining it was advanced magic that used the power of the vast knowledge held within Brocken Magic Academy's walls, a power that was theirs and theirs alone. Wizarmon tried attacking Phelesmon with an electrically-charged staff, but it did nothing and Wizarmon was sent flying with a strike from Phelesmon's trident, as they boasted that the armour enhanced their power as much as an evolution and that it also enhanced the power of their attacks, which they demonstrated by using Demon's Shout on Wizarmon again, ordering him to use Thunder Cloud on Tailmon. The mind-controlled Wizarmon then turned to his allies. Pulsemon tried to stop him with an Elec Rush but Wizarmon merely smacked him with his staff to stop him. Ritsu realized that Wizarmon was completely under Phelesmon's control and the clouds appeared around Tailmon. Pulsemon ordered Wizarmon to stop, but Phelesmon pointed out it was useless as he had completely succumbed to their Demon's Shout. Pulsemon tried to shoo and blow the clouds away to no avail. Phelesmon ordered Wizarmon to hit them with double the electricity that felled Dagomon, which he did, but the attack was fully absorbed by Pulsemon, who was now sparking.

In "The World of 0 and 1", after Pulsemon broke Wizarmon out of Phelesmon's Demon's Shout, they wondered what was up with a Pulsemon whose head alone could evolve into Bulkmon's. Pal put his nose to the ground and explained that it was a curse that was cast on Asunaro Village, then rushed at Phelesmon by biting the ground as he demanded them to tell him how to undo it, which scared them and caused them to repel him with a strike from their trident. With his head devolved, Pulsemon demanded Phelesmon to let Witchelny go, as they couldn't keep its knowledge to themself. Phelesmon explained that dominating Witchelny was only a stepping stone in his plan, to merge the Digital World with the Real World. Ritsu pointed out that was impossible as the Real World was not made out of 1s and 0s like the Digital World was, and at best they could hack into digital devices to throw it into chaos. Phelesmon then asked Ritsu if he knew about elementary particles, which Ritsu answered were the tiny specks that made up everything and were even smaller than elements and atoms. Phelesmon corrected him, as they were not specks but strings that could exist in two states: closed and open. Ritsu was confused about this and Phelesmon told him to visualize both states, and Ritsu realized that they were similar to 1s and 0s. Phelesmon laughed at the fact that, if this theory was true, then the Real World was just as based on a binary system as the Digital World was and therefore they could be merged, with the knowledge needed for such a feat held within Witchelny, which they'd use to merge them and rule over the merged world. Pulsemon tried to attack Phelesmon with an evolved arm, but he just got punched in response, as Phelesmon told him that fools like him without any intelligence should just accept subjugation. They then asked everyone if they had any thirst for knowledge in the first place. Ritsu accepted he didn't like schoolwork but realized it was important, while Pal just confessed he hated studying. Phelesmon praised his honesty, but Pal added that he still had the freedom to choose whether he'd study or not, and he hated that freedom being taken away more than studying, and therefore, he really hated Phelesmon. Phelesmon just asked him what he'd do to defeat them. Phelesmon said they could do nothing against their black armour and they'd bury them all, and Wizarmon answered that Phelesmon'd be the one getting buried.

In "Wizarmon's Future", Wizarmon asked Ritsu what his plan was. Phelesmon thought it was pointless, since their black armour, born out of the fusion of their Black Statue and Demon's Shout, was practically invincible, so Wizarmon would just reduce himself to ash trying to harm it. After Pulsemon grabbed onto Wizarmon's hat, Phelesmon thought they were mocking him, but their expression changed as Wizarmon put his hand over his chest and called out to his Digicore, causing it to become visible, and then to shine as he started accumulating energy, with electricity pouring out of his entire body, which Pal then absorbed. Phelesmon saw the aura of Wizarmon's potential as Medieval Dukemon coming out of Wizarmon, making them realize that what he had was not an exceptional Digicore known as the X-Factor, but the latent power to evolve into a Medieval Dukemon, and that meant they had to kill him at once. Tailmon tried to stop them with a Neko Punch to their eye, and Phelesmon punched her out of the way. Wizarmon then finally launched his Bolt Break at Phelesmon, completely shattering their black armour.

Despite the power behind the attack, however, Phelesmon rose once again, now convinced they had to kill Wizarmon before he had a chance to evolve, or else his latent power would jeopardize their ambitions. They then summoned their trident, as Ritsu looked surprised at how even Bolt Break wasn't enough to destroy them alongside their black armour. Phelesmon rushed at Wizarmon, but their trident was caught and they were hit by electricity. To everyone's shock, a properly fully evolved Bulkmon was responsible. He explained to Ritsu that his body was tingling like crazy but now he felt great. Phelesmon cursed Bulkmon and Tailmon wondered if the bug caused by Wizarmon's electricity had undone Pal's curse. Ritsu didn't know, but he did know that this was Pal's true form, as Bulkmon bent Phelesmon's trident and proclaimed how Wizarmon carried the future of Witchelny on his back and he would not let Phelesmon destroy him.

Phelesmon's last moments

Continuing in "A Dream to Evolve", Phelesmon pointed out that all the electricity had caused a bug that allowed Pal, now a Bulkmon, to evolve into an Adult. Pal answered by punching them in the face, sending them flying. Phelesmon shot energy blasts at Pal, who blocked the first with a shield of electricity, dodged the rest, then tried to hit Phelesmon with a double ax-handle, but they dodged it. Pal declared it was his turn now, and shot Phelesmon with multiple small spheres of electricity followed by a much bigger one. Pal punched Phelesmon in the face again, causing them to retreat through a hole in the wall. Pal pursued them with wings of electricity, which shocked Phelesmon. Pal's Digicore pounded, and with its power, he hit Phelesmon with a Core Electrical Fist.

Phelesmon met his end in "Kodou Ritsu", as proclaiming the end of the fight, Pal kicked Phelesmon down. Tailmon and Wizarmon were surprised at his victory. Phelesmon realized he was about to fade away and begged Barbamon to save him, which caused Barbamon to appear to him. However, he had no intentions of saving his subordinate, and instead decided to rethink their plan to invade Witchelny, as Wizarmon's formidable potential was about to awaken thanks to his encounter with Pulsemon. This meant he couldn't carelessly intervene, thus, he abandoned Phelesmon, who crashed to the ground close to Leomon, Mojyamon and Numemon, then died.

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