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"The Pulse of Resurrection"
Japanese "The Pulse of Resurrection"
Kanji/Kana 復活のパルス
Romanization "Fukkatsu no Parusu"
English "Pulse of Revival"
Release Date Japan October 4, 2022
English September 17, 2023
"Thunder Cloud"

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"Wizarmon of Memory Ocean"

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Chapter #13 of Digimon Dreamers



Pulsemon was surprised at the huge octopus, who introduced themselves as Dagomon and clarified they were no octopus. Having sensed Wizarmon's magical powers from the depths of the ocean, they decided to take them, though Wizarmon managed to avoid their tentacle strike. Pulsemon pointed out it couldn't deny it was an octopus if they slung around their tentacles, and Dagomon calmly answered they had no quarry with him, they just wanted Wizarmon's powers, as they had stolen magical power from a great number of Digimon in the past but his was unique and it'd take them one step closer to being the ruler of the seas. Wizarmon was surprised that such an incredible power was dormant inside him and tried to remember how to use it, only for a headache to come and a bouquet of flowers to erupt from his head. Dagomon was confused about that and Pulsemon explained that Wizarmon had amnesia, which Dagomon was happy about as it meant they could take his powers with little resistance. Kodou Ritsu and Pulsemon refused to let them, causing Pulsemon's head to evolve. This made Dagomon think that Pulsemon and Wizarmon were the octopi due to their big heads, which struck them as hypocritical. Pulsemon was angry at being underestimated and used Bulkmon's Thunder Dread on Dagomon, but they were unharmed, and said that a half-baked evolution was no match for a Perfect. They then countered with Thousand Whip, taking Pal down. Dagomon prayed for their defeated opponent, telling him to regret his defiance against them, then attacked Wizarmon. Pal got up again and bit Dagomon's tentacle, which did nothing but anger Dagomon who tied him down then threw him against a rock. Wizarmon told him to stay back and save himself but he refused, and Wizarmon didn't understand why, so he asked Ritsu as Pulsemon's Tamer to take him out of the battle. Ritsu said he would if he could, but Pulsemon added that they needed to get to Witchelny to find out how to get rid of the curse of Asunaro Village so they couldn't abandon him, because all of their friends who desperately wanted to evolve were counting on them. Wizarmon realized that the feeling this gave him was one he had felt before, and finally managed to remember the shadow he kept seeing was Phelesmon. Furthermore, he remembered that Phelesmon had badly wounded him in the past while fighting alongside Leomon, Tailmon and Numemon in Witchelny. Leomon told him to seek refuge in another world as he was wounded and Phelesmon was after him, then come back once he was healed, and pushed him into a portal. Since then, he had lost all his memories.

With newfound resolve, Wizarmon thanked Ritsu and Pulsemon, and told Dagomon he would not fall as he had friends waiting for him too so he had to return to Witchelny, confirming he had recovered his memories. Wizarmon's hat once again opened, which made Dagomon think another octopus-like object would come out of Wizarmon's head, but instead what came out was Wizarmon's staff. With it in hand, Wizarmon proclaimed he was a sorcerer of Witchelny.

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