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"Thunder Cloud"
Japanese "Thunder Cloud"
Kanji/Kana サンダークラウド
Romanization "Sandā Kuraudo"
English "Thunder Cloud"
Release Date Japan November 2, 2022
English September 24, 2023
"Witchelny's Disaster"

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"The Pulse of Resurrection"

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Chapter #14 of Digimon Dreamers


Child Pulsemon
Adult Wizarmon
Perfect Dagomon


Wizarmon proclaimed he was a sorcerer of Witchelny, which confirmed to Pulsemon that he had gotten his memories back. He crawled all over Wizarmon, as he felt the same kind of pulse from him that the one he had. Pulsemon then threatened Dagomon, once again calling him an octopus, which just got him thrown away. Kodou Ritsu then fished him out of the water while criticizing him for getting carried away. Dagomon then switched his focus to Wizarmon, unafraid of him getting his power and memories back, but Wizarmon told him that his power was too much for them to handle. Dagomon then summoned their Forbidden Trident and tried to stab Wizarmon with it while warning him not to underestimate a Perfect Digimon. However, the attack was blocked by a magic circle Wizarmon used as a shield, which he claimed was his own original skill. Pulsemon made up a name for it but Wizarmon rejected it. Dagomon thought of Wizarmon's tremendous potential and wondered if he had it because he came from a different dimension, while Ritsu realized that Wizarmon wasn't an average Digimon if he could make a Perfect Digimon like Dagomon recoil in fear. Pulsemon confidently tried to take over the fight, though the same situation as before repeated itself. Dagomon tried to crush Wizarmon with their tentacles, but they were blocked by Wizarmon's shields. They then used their leg tentacles as well, which got Ritsu to tell Wizarmon to run away, but he merely sliced them all by using his magical circle shield as a blade. Wizarmon then told Dagomon they were unfit to steal his power after all and surrounded them with clouds which then released Wizarmon's Thunder Cloud. Ritsu was taken aback by the lightning, while Pulsemon released sparks while happily looking at the attack. Ritsu realized Pulsemon was resonating because he was a fellow electric type and wondered if that was why Pulsemon had been in sync with Wizarmon since his memories came back.

With Dagomon defeated and back underwater, Pulsemon was excited about how powerful Wizarmon was and took his staff because he wanted to be just as strong, though Wizarmon pointed out that just having his staff wouldn't be enough to match him. Nonetheless, he thanked Ritsu and Pal for their help in regaining his memories. Ritsu asked him to explain things in more detail, and Wizarmon told him that Witchelny couldn't fulfill their hopes as it was now.

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