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"Witchelny's Disaster"
Japanese "Witchelny's Disaster"
Kanji/Kana ウィッチェルニーの惨状
Romanization "Wiccherunī no Sanjō"
English "Witchelny's Plight"
Release Date Japan December 2, 2022
English October 1, 2023
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Chapter #15 of Digimon Dreamers



Pulsemon asked Wizarmon why they couldn't help them if Witchelny was a world full of magic and therefore should have some kind of spell to undo the curse preventing evolution. Therefore, he was just being stingy. Wizarmon explained that Witchenly had fallen into ruin because Phelesmon's actions were causing the knowledge of magic in it to gradually fade away.

As Wizarmon explained, Witchelny was a world of Digimon who used magic, centered around the Brocken Magical Academy until a Digimon appeared and used their magic to cause a massive incident. Phelesmon then claimed that learning magic led to the birth of dangerous Digimon and insisted on prohibiting it in the name of peace, calling for the closure of Brocken. In hopes of peace, the Digimon of Witchelny agreed, but instead Phelesmon took the chance to rule with an iron fist using his army. Digimon that kept practicing magic were imprisoned, while those that resisted were killed, leading to the present day where young Digimon were not able to learn magic at all, and thus, incapable of growing, no one could oppose Phelesmon anymore.

Wizarmon then added that Phelesmon was a fearsome enemy that could drive even him to the brink of ruin, forcing him to run away which caused him to lose his memories. Nonetheless, since he had recovered them, he would go back to Witchelny and defeat Phelesmon, no matter how harsh the road to that goal may be. Wizarmon also explained that the spell Pulsemon sought was most likely in the New Earth Archives, but the library of the Magic Academy had been sealed and none were allowed to enter. As such, they should go to Witchelny only after it's restored to its former glory.

To Wizarmon's surprise, Pulsemon decided to ride him, while also tying down Kodou Ritsu, as he had decided to go with him to defeat Phelesmon and enter the library to get the New Earth Archives.

In Witchelny, Leomon taught his students (Phascomon, Mokumon, Candmon, and Ghostmon) that the world was composed of four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, which magic used. Candmon pointed out that Leomon's lessons were easy to follow, but Ghostmon told him to stop talking. However, the lesson was stopped by two Evilmon led by a Devimon of Phelesmon's security forces. Leomon instructed his students to run away as he attacked an Evilmon, then released his Juouken at Devimon, only for it to be countered by Devimon's Death Claw which knocked him down. Devimon boasted that his signature move had been powered up by Phelesmon's magic. He then explained that he had been looking for them, since Leomon and his magic instructor friends had been defying Phelesmon's will and Wizarmon had been part of that group as well. Leomon claimed that Wizarmon was still alive and would return someday, but Devimon didn't believe him and tried to attack him. However, he was stopped by an attack he thought had come from Wizarmon, but instead it had come from Ghostmon, who hadn't run away. He apologised to Leomon, then explained to Devimon that he wanted to keep studying magic even if it was dangerous so he could use it to help Digimon who were in trouble and make the world a better place. Devimon attacked him in response, claiming they had no need for magic and should just follow Phelesmon's orders. Leomon, angered, claimed that Devimon's group was in the wrong because they monopolized the knowledge of magic to ensure their continued reign, and stole the chance for children to grow. Devimon just kept attacking Leomon for that, but his attempt to kill him was blocked by the appearance of yet another Digimon, which Devimon feared would actually be Wizarmon this time. Instead, it was Pulsemon with his head evolved, shocking everyone present. He then switched his evolution to his arm and punched Devimon while introducing himself.

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