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Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Little Plasma [1] リトルプラズマ Ritoru Purazuma Fires weak energy shots from its palms.
Jack Raid [1] ジャックレイド Jakku Reido Turns invisible moments before charging and crashing into the enemy, striking them from behind while they are in a state of confusion.


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Digimon Dreamers[edit]

Ghostmon is an inhabitant of Witchelny. They first appeared in "Witchelny's Disaster", studying magic under Leomon, alongside Mokumon, Candmon and Phascomon, and ran away after Devimon and two Evilmon attacked them. Unlike the rest, Ghostmon then came back, attacked Devimon to stop him from hurting Leomon anymore, apologised to Leomon, then explained to Devimon that he wanted to keep studying magic even if it was dangerous so he could use it to help Digimon who were in trouble and make the world a better place. Devimon attacked him in response, claiming they had no need for magic and should just follow Phelesmon's orders.

Soon after, in "Potential", he realized Wizarmon was back and went to him, with Wizarmon asking them if they were alright.

At Leomon and co.'s secret hideout, Ghostmon asked the others to let them go with them to fight Phelesmon too, since they could help even if they didn't have a Tamer like Pal did. However, Pal refused because he looked weak and would be just a burden. Ghostmon answered they didn't want to hear that from him, which made Pal challenge them to a fight, which Ghostmon accepted. Mojyamon tried to stop them, but that only angered the both of them. Numemon saw this as a chance to test Pal.

The fight started outside the hideout. Ghostmon charged at Pulsemon, but they were easily stopped by Pulsemon's evolved arm, which shocked Mojyamon, Numemon]and Leomon. Pulsemon then evolved his head and bit and licked Ghostmon, winning the fight. Ghostmon cried and Pulsemon mocked him. Ghostmon whined about how Pal didn't understand how hard their life was since magic was outlawed, how they thought they would learn magic and evolve into a stronger Digimon that could help everyone but now no one could learn magic at all, that Phelesmon had stolen their futures and they'd never get stronger. Kodou Ritsu explained to Ghostmon how Pal understood their pain since he, and the rest of the Digimon of Asunaro Village, had a curse on them that prevented them from evolving, and thus also had their futures, their potentials, stolen from them, and while he did the best he could given the circumstances, he could only take a half-baked form. Pulsemon got angry at being called half-baked. Ritsu continued, saying that that was why they didn't want Ghostmon to run recklessly into battle and wanted them to treasure their future. Pulsemon bashfully denied it and said he only wanted to defeat Phelesmon, but Ghostmon should still wait and entrust their future and potential to him, because he'd get both of their futures and potentials back. Ghostmon cried at this, which also made the Witchenly five happy. Pulsemon then told Ritsu to get going, though Ritsu just wanted to stay with Ghostmon instead. This, once again, only got him tied up and dragged away by Pulsemon, who rode on Leomon, as they, alongside Wizarmon, Tailmon, Mojyamon, and Numemon, left the hideout, with Ghostmon waving them goodbye.

In "Infiltrate the Demon Castle", Ritsu thought about Ghostmon after learning about magical enhancement, as he realized why Digimon in Witchenly who couldn't learn magic weren't able to grow any stronger, and that ordinary attacks weren't enough to claim victory in Witchelny.

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