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Digimon Profile (デジモンプロファイル Dejimon Purofairu) is a written feature on the Digimon Web official site which provides short overviews of various topics, mechanics, and other elements of the Digimon franchise. The feature is presented as having been written by Agumon Hakase, who ends each column with a personal summary and opinion of the topic.

Each issue of Digimon Profile covers a new topic. Issues are divided into four categories:

  • Digimon Report (デジモンレポート Dejimonrepōto; Dub: Digi-Report): Provides an overview of a group of Digimon who have some feature in common.
  • Digi-Basics (デジ基礎知識 Deji-kisochishiki; Dub: Digimon Basics): Explains a basic mechanic related to Digimon or the Digital World.
  • Digi-Professional Knowledge (デジプロ知識 Deji-puro-chishiki; Dub: Advanced Digimon Info): Explains a more obscure or esoteric element of Digimon lore.
  • Learn How to Draw Digimon (デジモン描き方研究 Dejimon-ekaki-kata kenkyū; Dub: Digimon Drawing Lab): A guide on how to draw one featured Digimon, in the form of a short song written by Watanabe Kenji.

Digimon Profile was launched on March 29, 2021. New issues are typically posted on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The Digimon Web official site provides Japanese, English (usually proper translations, but occasionally machine-translated), and Chinese versions of each issue.

List of Issues[edit]

No. Image Category Title Release date Link
#001 Agumon variants.png Digimon Report Types of Agumon
Agumon no shurui;
Dub: Agumon Types)
March 2019, 2021 Link
#002 BAN-TYO.png Digimon Report The Title of "Bancho"
"Banchō" no shōgō;
Dub: The Title of "Bancho")
March 2019, 2021 Link
#003 Agumon drawing.png Learn How to Draw Digimon Agumon
Dub: Agumon)
March 2019, 2021 Link
#004 Agumon hakase bullmon.png Digimon Report "Ox"-like Digimon!
"Ushi" no youna dejimon-tachi!;
Dub: Some Legen-Dairy Digimon!)
March 2019, 2021 Link
#005 Tailmon holy ring.png Digimon Report Bearers of the "Holy Ring"
"Hōrīringu" wo motsumono-tachi;
Dub: Bearers of the Holy Rings)
March 2019, 2021 Link
#006 Agumon hakase qinglongmon.png Digimon Report The Four Holy Beasts and Their Follower Digimon
Shiseijū to sono shimobe-dejimon;
Dub: The Four Sovereign Digimon and Their Servants)
April 14, 2021 Link
#007 Agumon hakase mechanorimon digimon profile.png Digimon Report "Vehicle" Digimon
"Norimono" dejimon-tachi;
Dub: Getting up to Speed on Vehicular Digimon)
April 28, 2021 Link
#008 Agumon hakase knightmon digimon profile.png Digimon Report "Knight" Digimon
"Naito" dejimon-tachi;
Dub: Knight Digimon)
May 12, 2021 Link
#009 Agumon hakase digimon profile.png Digi-Basics Reading the Digimon Reference Book
Dejimon-zukan no mikata;
Dub: Reading the Digimon Field Guide)
May 26, 2021 Link
#010 Agumon hakase goddramon digimon profile.png Digimon Report The "Four Great Dragons" Digimon
"Yondairyū" no dejimon-tachi;
Dub: The Four Great Dragons)
June 9, 2021 Link
#011 Agumon hakase botamon digimon profile.png Digimon Report Digimon "Level"
Dejimon no "reberu";
Dub: Digimon Level)
June 23, 2021 Link
#012 Shadramon salamandamon allomon digimonprofile.png Digi-Basics "Armors" and "Digimentals"
"Āmā-tai" to "dejimentaru";
Dub: DigiEggs and Armor Digimon)
July 14, 2021 Link
#013 Chromedigizoid digimonprofile.png Digi-Professional Knowledge Superalloys of the Digital World
"Dejitaruwārudo no chōgōkin;
Dub: The Superalloys of the Digital World)
July 28, 2021 Link
#014 Agnimon digimon profile.png Digi-Basics "Hybrids" and "Spirits"
"Haiburiddo-tai" to "supiritto";
Dub: Hybrids and Spirits)
August 11, 2021 Link
#015 Seraphimon cherubimon ofanimon digimonprofile.png Digi-Professional Knowledge The Three Archangels and the Kernel
Sandaitenshi to kāneru;
Dub: The Three Celestials and the Kernel)
August 25, 2021 Link
#016 Agumon hakase aegis omegablade digimonprofile.png Digi-Basics "Digimoji" and How to Read It
"Dejimoji" to sono yomi-kata;
Dub: DigiCode and How to Read It)
September 8, 2021 Link
#017 Agumon hakase gammamon digimon profile.png Learn How to Draw Digimon Gammamon
Dub: Gammamon)
September 22, 2021 Link
#018 Agumon hakase burgamon torikaraballmon digimon profile.png Digimon Report Digimon Named After "Food"
"Tabemono" ni chinanda dejimon-tachi;
Dub: Delectable Food Digimon)
October 13, 2021 Link
#019 Ghostmon pumpmon boogiemon witchmon sistermon noir digimon profile.png Digimon Report Digimon Well-Suited for Halloween!
Haroin ni pittari-na dejimon-tachi!;
Dub: Happy Digi-Ween!)
October 27, 2021 Link
#020 Kunemon pulsemon herissmon digimon profile.png Digi-Basics Digimon "Attribute"
Dejimon no "zokusei";
Dub: Digimon Types)
November 10, 2021 Link
#021 Jogress xv-mon stingmon paildramon digimonprofile.png Digi-Basics Digimon Fusion, "Jogress"
Dejimon no gattai "joguresu";
Dub: Digimon Fusions)
November 24, 2021 Link
#022 Leomon orgemon digimon profile.png Digimon Report Digimon Who Have Rivalries
Raibaru-kankei ni aru dejimon-tachi;
Dub: Rivalries of the Digital World)
December 8, 2021 Link
#023 Metallicdramon digimon profile.png Digimon Report "Swift" Digimon
"Hayai" dejimon-tachi;
Dub: Speedy Digimon)
December 22, 2021 Link
#024 Digimon profile 024.png Digimon Report Digimon Associated With "Dreams"
"Yume" ni matsuwaru dejimon-tachi;
Dub: Digimon of the Dream World)
January 13, 2022 Link

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