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#009 [Digi-Basics] Reading the Digimon Reference Book
Agumonhakase profile1.png The Digimon Reference Book is a vast collection of data on Digimon. This valuable information was compiled through the observations of Digimon researchers, gya. This time, I'll explain about the details of each section of the Reference Book, gya.
DRB blue arrows.png アグモン 1
Level Child 2
Type Reptile 3
Attribute Vaccine 4
Special Move ・Baby Flame 5
A Reptile Digimon with an appearance resembling a small dinosaur, it has grown and become able to walk on two legs. Its strength is weak as it is still in the process of growing, but it has a fearless and rather ferocious personality. Hard, sharp claws grow from both its hands and feet, and their power is displayed in battle. It also foreshadows an evolution into a great and powerful Digimon. Its Special Move is spitting a fiery breath from its mouth to attack the opponent (Baby Flame).
① Species Name
The name of a Digital Monster. Note that there are many "Agumon" that live in the Digital World, so it is not an "individual name"!
② Level 320px
The growth stage of a Digimon. Starting at the bottom, it usually goes: "Baby I", "Baby II", "Child", Adult", "Perfect", and "Ultimate", and the higher the level, the fewer the number of individuals. In addition, there is "Armor", in which they evolve using special items created in ancient times called "Digimentals", and "Hybrid", in which a human and a Digimon fuse.
Agumon evolution chart eng.png
③ Type
The classification of a Digimon. They are names for grouping Digimon with similar characteristics together such as the "family Felidae in the order Carnivora" when it comes to animals.
④ Attribute Digimonprofile tailmon vamdemon wizarmon.png
From the left: Tailmon (Vaccine), Vamdemon (Virus), and Wizarmon (Data)
The nature of a Digimon. In addition to the three basic ones, "Virus", "Vaccine", and "Data", there is also "Free" and "Variable".
  • Virus: Have the nature of trying to rewrite the area they inhabit into an environment convenient for them.
  • Vaccine: Act to restore environments that have been rewritten by Virus-types to their original state.
  • Data: Have the nature of adapting to the environment they live in.
  • Free: A Digimon Attribute from before the main three emerged, often found in Ancient Species Digimon.
  • Variable: Observed in the Ten Warriors, they are Digimon whose Attribute shifts irregularly depending on the situation.
⑤ Special Move
Mighty blows used by Digimon when "push comes to shove". They are more powerful than normal punches or kicks.
⑥ Status
Contains detailed information about a Digimon, including their origin, characteristics, and how they perform specific Special Moves.
Agumonhakase profile4.png Levels (the growth stages of Digimon) are explained in detail on this Profile page.
Agumonhakase summary top.png
Agumon Hakase's Review
Agumonhakase profile3.png
What do you think, gya? The Digimon Reference Book is the result of thorough investigations by researchers, gya. Our research methods are... A trade secret. The researchers' investigations are still ongoing, gya!
#009 [デジ基礎知識] デジモン図鑑の見方
Agumonhakase profile1.png 膨大なデジモンのデータが集約されている、デジモン図鑑。デジモンの研究者たちが観測してまとめた貴重な情報だギャ。今回は図鑑の各項目の内容について解説するギャ。
DRB blue arrows.png アグモン 1
レベル 成長期 2
タイプ 爬虫類型 3
属性 ワクチン 4
必殺技 ・ベビーフレイム 5
成長して二足歩行ができるようになった、小型の恐竜の様な姿をした爬虫類型デジモン。 まだ成長途中なので力は弱いが、性格はかなり獰猛で恐いもの知らず。 両手足には硬く鋭い爪が生えており、戦闘においても威力を発揮する。 力ある偉大なデジモンへの進化を予測させる存在でもある。必殺技は口から火炎の息を吐き敵を攻撃する『ベビーフレイム』。
① 種族名
② レベル Digimonprofile about levels.png
Digimonweb Evolution.png
③ タイプ
④ 属性 Digimonprofile tailmon vamdemon wizarmon.png
  • ウィルス種…住んでいる場所を、自分の住みやすい環境に書き換えようとする性質を持つ。
  • ワクチン種…ウィルス種が書き換えた環境を、もとの状態に戻す作用をする。
  • データ種…住んでいる環境に、そのまま適応する性質を持っている。
  • フリー…古代種デジモンに多く見られる、3属性が生まれる前のデジモンの属性。
  • ヴァリアブル種…十闘士に見られる、その場に応じて変則的に属性が移動するデジモン。
⑤ 必殺技
⑥ ステータス
Agumonhakase profile4.png レベル(デジモンの成長段階)についてはこちらのプロファイルで詳しく説明しているギャ。
Agumonhakase summary top.png
Agumonhakase profile3.png
どうだったギャ? 研究員たちによる、涙ぐましい調査の結果が、「デジモン図鑑」だギャ。その調査方法は…企業秘密だそう。研究員たちの調査は、まだまだ続くギャ!