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#002 [Digimon Report] The Title of "Bancho"
Agumonhakase profile1.png In the Digital World, there are five Digimon that carry the title of "Bancho", gya. I'll summarize what a "Bancho" is, and what sort of features they have, gya.
Digimonprofile section header left.pngWhat is a "Bancho"? Digimonprofile section header right.png
Agumonhakase profile3.png Firstly, I'll summarize the features of Digimon with the title of "Bancho", gya.
  • Wear a "GAKU-RAN".
  • Full of pride and possess a strong conviction.
  • In addition, have overcome numerous battles.
  • Have reached Ultimate, regardless of what generation they are from originally.

Those are the key points, gya. It's not just solely strength that's important, but also having high aspirations, gya.
Next, let's take a look at each Bancho Digimon, gya.
Digimonprofile bancholeomon.png
Bancho Leomon
Ultimate / Beast Man / Vaccine
It only serves its own "Justice", and if something becomes an obstacle to that justice, it will oppose them, including the Royal Knights.
Digimonprofile banchogolemon.png
Bancho Golemon
Ultimate / Mineral / Virus
It constantly puts itself in harsh situations, and is well-trained. It shows up to save comrades with whom it has exchanged blows when they are in a predicament.
Digimonprofile banchomamemon.png
Bancho Mamemon
Ultimate / Mutant / Data
Chivalrous and compassionate, it formed a group called the "Mamemon Rengō", extending a hand to isolated Digimon.
Digimonprofile banchostingmon.png
Bancho Stingmon
Ultimate / Insect / Free
It gives top priority to its own pride out of everything else, and rejects all forms of compromise. The carapaces of various insects are woven into its GAKU-RAN.
Digimonprofile bancholilimon.png
Bancho Lilimon
Ultimate / Fairy / Data
It has the conviction to fight for the weak, and has saved many that have been attacked by fiendish Digimon.


Agumonhakase summary top.png
Agumon Hakase's Review
Agumonhakase profile3.png
It appears that the title of "Bancho" started when Digimon who admired "Banchōs" after watching old movies adopted the name for themselves, gya. From that point on, it seemed to be customary for them to pass the title onto befitting Digimon of the next generation upon their demise, gya. Apparently, there are some Digimon with title of Bancho where this doesn't apply, so we're still continuing our investigations, gya.
#002 [デジモンレポート] 「バンチョー」の称号
Agumonhakase profile1.png デジタルワールドには5体の「バンチョー」の称号を持つデジモンがいるギャ。「バンチョー」とは何なのか、どのような特徴をもっているのかまとめてみるギャ。
Digimonprofile section header left.png「バンチョー」とは? Digimonprofile section header right.png
Agumonhakase profile3.png まずは、「バンチョー」の称号を持つデジモンたちの特徴をまとめてみるギャ。


Digimonprofile bancholeomon.png
究極体 / 獣人型 / ワクチン
Digimonprofile banchogolemon.png
究極体 / 鉱物型 / ウィルス
Digimonprofile banchomamemon.png
究極体 / ミュータント型 / データ
Digimonprofile banchostingmon.png
究極体 / 昆虫型 / フリー
何事にも自身のプライドが優先され、一切の妥協も許さない。 「GAKU−RAN」には、様々な虫の甲殻が編み込まれている。
Digimonprofile bancholilimon.png
究極体 / 妖精型 / データ
Agumonhakase summary top.png
Agumonhakase profile3.png