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Digimon Journal (デジモンジャーナル Dejimon Jānaru) is a written feature on the Digimon Web official site which provides short overviews of the featured Digimon and their history in the franchise.

Digimon Journal was launched on October 26, 2022. New issues are typically posted on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The Digimon Web official site provides Japanese, English (usually proper translations, but occasionally machine-translated), and Chinese versions of each issue.

List of Topics[edit]

No. Image Pickup Digimon Release date Link
#001 Digimonjournal001.jpg October 26, 2022 Link
#002 Digimonjournal002.jpg October 26, 2022 Link
#003 Digimonjournal003.jpg October 26, 2022 Link
#004 Digimonjournal004.jpg November 9, 2022 Link
#005 Digimonjournal005.jpg November 22, 2022 Link

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