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An Ultimate-level Light Dragon Digimon that is affiliated with the group of justice, the Virus Busters. Whenever it senses a voice crying for help or malice, even from far away, it will descend like a comet and bring down the enemy with the "Sylvia" composite cannon-blades equipped to both its arms. However, it is a kind-hearted being who brightens up everything around it such that if it senses a change of heart in its opponent during battle, it will lay down its arms and open up to them.
Its Special Moves are firing light beam shots from the Sylvia (Photon Blaster), and a blade of order with which, using its blade deployed in the forward position, it bisects the enemy (Cosmo Blade). In addition, it is said that the white flash from its "Breaquasar"—in which it slings a slash of starlight contained within its blade, as if chasing after the "Photon Blaster" that it fired, causing the combined shot of light and slash to explode in range of the enemy—looks like a meteor from remote areas. Also, even if the Sylvia get destroyed, it has a trump card up its sleeve, "Planet Knuckle", in which it packs its fists with life energy.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Photon Blaster [1] フォトンブラスター Foton Burasutā Photon Blaster[1] Fires light beam shots from its "Sylvia" cannon-blades.[1]
Cosmo Blade [1] コスモブレード Kosumo Burēdo Cosmic Sword[1] A blade of order with which, using "Sylvia's" blade deployed in the forward position, it bisects the opponent.[1]
Breaquasar [1] ブレイクエーサー Bureikuēsā Quasar Break[1] Slings a slash of starlight contained within its blade, which coalesces with the light beam shot from its Photon Blaster and explodes.[1]
Planet Knuckle [1] プラネイトナックル Puraneito Nakkuru Planet Punch[1] Packs its fists with life energy.[1]


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Gammamon is the partner Digimon of Amanokawa Hiro.

During their battle with Kuzuhamon in "Impurity", Canoweissmon Ultimate Evolves into Siriusmon for the first time as his and Hiro's "answer" to Kuzuhamon's accusations about the impurity of humans. The ability of his Breaquasar to break through the protection of her Taizoukai Mandala convinces Kuzuhamon that the duo are not impure and to cease her purification ritual.

During the battle against Rafflesimon, Siriusmon became aware of Gulus Gammamon for the first time. Gulus Gammamon's power saved him from Rafflesimon's attacks and allowed him to defeat her.

Siriusmon held out the longest against Bloom Lordmon, but was eventually forced to revert to Gammamon. After Regulusmon was separated from Cannoweismon, the latter evolved back into Siriusmon and engaged his dark counterpart with Diarbbitmon and Amphimon, but was fatally wounded. Hiro, however, managed to save him by entering Gammamon's inner world. Using his previous evolution lines, Siriusmon was able to defeat Regulusmon, devolve him into Gulus Gammamon, and absorb him with the intention of redeeming him.

Siriusmon in Digimon Ghost Game.
Siriusmon in Digimon Ghost Game.
Siriusmon in Digimon Ghost Game.
Siriusmon face off against Regulusmon.
Siriusmon without his weapons.
Siriusmon with his mouth open.

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