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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Dark Pales [1] ダークパレス Dāku Paresu Dark Palace[2] Crushes the enemy with flames of darkness that it amasses in its hands.
Desdemona [1] デスデモーナ Desudemōna Death Demona[2] Hurls flames of darkness that it amasses in its hands while maintaining their power.
Dead-end Skewer [1] デッドエンドスキュアー Deddo Endo Sukyuā Dead-End Skewer[2] Pierces the enemy's vitals with the tip of its tail with pinpoint accuracy, killing them.


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Gulus Gammamon is the partner of Amanokawa Hiro. A large shadowy form of Gulus Gammamon later appears in Episode 1, "The Sewn-lip Man" when Clockmon uses Chrono Breaker on Gammamon, its appearance frightens and distracts Clockmon long enough for Amanokawa Hiro to save Gammamon from the attack.

Gulus Gammamon makes his first real appearance in "Executioner" after Bokomon's death by the hands of Sealsdramon that pushes Gammamon into a dark evolution. Gulus Gammamon has a sassy and cruel personality, after ruthlessly killing Sealsdramon, he tries to attack Hiro and the others, however his memories with Bokomon stop him, making him revert to Child level.

Gulus Gammamon's silhouette from Digimon Ghost Game.
Gulus Evolution Sequence
Gulus' evil laugh
Gulus battling Sealsdramon
Gulus using Desdemona
Gulus using Dark Pales


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