Gulus Gammamon (Ghost Game)

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Gulus Gammamon
Gulus Gammamon
Kanji/Kana グルスガンマモン
Human Partner Amanokawa Hiro
Voice Actor Japanese Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)

Gulus Gammamon is the evil Adult form of Gammamon, the primary Partner Digimon of Amanokawa Hiro‎ who is revealed as the misunderstanding villain of Digimon Ghost Game. Unlike Gammamon's Adult forms, he is Gammamon's separate consciousness, he is eventually shown to have been indirectly responsible for many of the events of the show by causing the near destruction of the Digital World leading to the mass exodus of Digimon into the Real World. After his defeat, he was willingly reformed by his Child form and is revealed to have had noble, albeit misguided ambitions.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Gammamon
Adult Gulus Gammamon
Perfect Regulusmon
Ultimate ?



Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Gulus Gammamon in Digimon Ghost Game.

The shadow of Gulus Gammamon first appears in Episode 1, "The Sewn-lip Man" when Clockmon uses Chrono Breaker on Gammamon attempting to age him, but his appearance frightens Clockmon long enough for Amanokawa Hiro to save Gammamon from the attack. The same shadow later appears when Clockmon attacks again in "Warped Time" but this time it lashes out at Clockmon, reflecting his attack and critically wounding him.

Gulus Gammamon makes his first real appearance in "Executioner" after Bokomon's death by the hands of Sealsdramon pushes Gammamon into this Evolution. In sharp contrast to Gammamon, Gulus Gammamon has an aggressive and cruel personality who believes entirely in the philosophy of eat or be eaten. He effortlessly defeats Sealsdramon and initially tries to convince Hiro to partner with him to finish off Sealsdramon, but when Hiro refuses Gulus Gammamon kills Sealsdramon himself with Dead-end Skewer and attempts to leave, attacking Hiro and the others when they interfere. However his memories of Bokomon stop him, making him revert to Child level.

Gulus Gammamon's existence is alluded to in "The Witching Hour" when Piccolomon attempts to go back in time to erase Betel Gammamon from existence, but quickly returns, seriously injured.

Gulus Gammamon reappeared in "The Spider's Lure" after Gammamon evolves again when Hiro was in danger and killed Archnemon with his Desdemona. Before Hiro could talk with him, Gulus Gammamon calmly told Hiro to stay back and that it wasn't time yet before devolving back into Gammamon.

Gulus Gammamon reappeared again in "Human Hunter" after Gammamon forced himself to evolve in order to kill the king Oboromon and consumed the energy its companions before Hiro stopped him. Gulus Gammamon accepts Hiro's judgement and devolves back to Gammamon. Afterwards, the surviving Oboromon recognize him as the "Jet-Black Tyrant".

He is indirectly mentioned in "The Crimson Harvest Festival" when Witchmon seems to recognize Gammamon as the Jet-Black Tyrant, and again in "Ghost Taxi", after Lilithmon realizes he exists based on Gammamon's resistence to her curse. When Siriusmon refuses Lilithmon's offer to join her, she muses that his other side might feel differently.

Gulus Gammamon reappeared once more in "Jiraiya" after Tonosama Gekomon mercilessly assaulted Gammamon and triggered his evolution. He turned the tables against the Perfect Digimon before threatening to kill him, Kiyoshiro and the humans absorbed into Tonosama Gekomon's back if Hiro didn't sync with him. Gekomon begged Gulus Gammamon to spare his master and he reluctantly accepts both Hiro's and Gekomon's judgement and asked him that someday they will sync up before devolving back into Gammamon.

In "The Black Zone of Death", Gulus Gammamon's consciousness managed to speak to Siriusmon as the latter was losing against a corrupted Rafflesimon, persuading him to do everything he can to save Hiro and his friends, which resulted in Gulus Gammamon temporarily taking control of his alter ego as they were absorbed by Rafflesimon. With his help, Siriusmon able to defeat her and expelling himself, Hiro, Ruli, Symbare Angoramon, Kiyoshiro, Tesla Jellymon, Hover Espimon, and all the Digimon Rafflesimon absorbed, including Saberdramon, due to Gulus Gammamon attacking Rafflesimon from the inside.

Gulus Gammamon reappears in the following and final episodes, "The Black Dragon of Destruction" and "The Devourer of All", finally making direct contact with Gammamon, plunging him into despair and taking control. Bloom Lordmon recognized Gulus Gammamon was the source of the corruption of the Digital World, which the latter confirmed and revealed the corruption to be the Gulus Realm Burst (GRB), which strengthens Digimon but causes the infected Digimon's fighting instincts to take over and run wild. Gulus Gammamon then revealed he scattered GRB Factor all over the Digital World during the period Gammamon traveled with Amanokawa Hokuto to create an army of powerful Digimon, before declaring that the time has come and evolving into Regulusmon to fight Bloom Lordmon.

Gulus Gammamon as Regulusmon in Digimon Ghost Game.

As Regulusmon, he reiterated his philosophy is to eat or be eaten and that he had spread GRB to enforce that philosophy. During the fight, Hiro syncs with Regulusmon as a ruse to allow him to bring Gammamon back, which resulted in the group and Bloom Lordmon being brought into Gammamon's internal dimension where Regulusmon and Canoweissmon separate into two entities to finally confront each other. Enraged, Regulusmon confronts Siriusmon, Amphimon, and Diarbbitmon. During the battle, an furious Regulusmon is able to fatally injure Siriusmon despite being Perfect Level and make his last attempt to take his body back, but Hiro is able to reconnect with Gammamon and heal him with the aid of Quantumon. Gammamon then lands a series of successive attacks in his various evolved forms, before evolving to Siriusmon again and finally defeating Regulusmon with his ultimate move, Planet Knuckle.

Upon his defeat, Regulusmon would revert to Gulus Gammamon. Although he intended to continue fighting, Gulus Gammamon was swiftly consumed by Siriusmon uniting the two personalities within Gammamon once more. Having decisively lost and in accordance to his own worldview, Gulus Gammamon would reluctantly abide by Gammamon's rules and released a cure for the GRB corrosion restoring the Digital World. His personality later reemerged as Gammamon during the meeting with Quantumon, explaining that he had come from a distant planet and had spread the GRB in anticipation of the apocalyptic threat that had destroyed his planet and would arrive on Earth in the distant future.

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