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An Undead Digimon that lives in graveyards like a ghost, it is a berserker who never backs down against superior opponents and fights by any means necessary. It is thought that the reason it has an unusually intense obsession with victory is because it has taken in a large amount of hatred data from the Digimon it has defeated. On the other hand, it has virtually no sense of self, and when it isn't fighting, it wanders around the graveyard foolishly, and has occasionally been witnessed conversing suspiciously with the beast skull fused to its left arm. Although the blade protruding from the skull is brittle and breaks easily, it has the characteristic of regenerating over and over again each time it breaks.
Its Special Moves are a slash attack from its blade (Chiyorozu-no-tachi), and detaching its will-o'-the-wisp lower body and burning a vast area with flames (Rashōmon). Also, in addition to changing shape freely, the "Yūgen" scarf around its neck is capable of operating independently. It has versatile functions such as wrapping around and capturing the enemy, or striking them hard with the whole of the cloth.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Chiyorozu-no-tachi [1] Countless Tachi 千万ノ太刀(ちよろずのたち) N/A A slash attack from its blade.
Rashōmon [1] Outspread Burning Gate 羅焼門(らしょうもん) N/A Detaches its will-o'-the-wisp lower body and burns a vast area with flames.
Yūgen [1] Mysteriousness 幽玄(ゆうげん) N/A


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Five Oboromon, each with its own colored aura, appeared in “Human Hunter”, competing to see which of them would be king. They hunted for humans not bearing their color, throwing them into a pocket dimension to eventually become part of the king's Yūgen. The Oboromon captured Amanokawa Hiro and Tsukiyono Ruli and sent them to their respective pocket dimensions, after which they became part of the winning Oboromon's Yūgen. An enraged Gammamon battled with Oboromon, but was repeatedly knocked down, and wound up evolving to Gulus Gammamon, killing the king Oboromon with his Dead-End Skewer attack, freeing Hiro, Ruli, and the Oboromon's other victims. He then defeated the other four Oboromon, eating their auras, after which they belatedly recognized him as the Jet-Black Tyrant.

Oboromon Blue from Digimon Ghost Game.
Several Oboromon from Digimon Ghost Game.
Oboromon Yellow & Oboromon Black from Digimon Ghost Game.
Several Oboromon from Digimon Ghost Game.


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