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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Multiple Seed [1]
マルチプルシード Maruchipuru Shīdo Seed Belt[2] Shoots countless seeds from the petals on its left shoulder like a machine gun.
Sprout Rush [1]
スプラウトラッシュ Supurauto Rasshu Sprout Rush[2] Pierces the enemy with the flower spear it holds in its right hand.
Gran del Sol [1] Esp: Great of the Sun グラン・デル・ソル Guran deru Soru Gran del Sol[2] Fires an extremely wide beam with the huge sword of light that appears from within its flower spear only when it has bloomed.


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Bloom Lordmon blocked the heroes' path in "The Black Zone of Death". He refused to let them see the being that sent Digimon to the Real World, as he saw that as the path they had to follow to save themselves from the blackened Digimon that were threatening the Digital World. He fought against Siriusmon, Amphimon and Diarbbitmon in "The Black Dragon of Destruction" and easily immobilized the latter two, their partners and Hover Espimon with his Multiple Seed while making it clear that he had protected the Digital World so far by facing multiple powered-up, blackened Digimon. Realizing Siriusmon was the cause of the corruption, he attempted to kill him, wounding him enough to make him devolve into Gammamon. However, Gulus Gammamon convinced Gammamon to give him control over his body. He then evolved into Regulusmon and fought Bloom Lordmon, a fight that led to Regulusmon's horn being broken in the clash between his Gran Trace and Bloom Lordmon's Gran Del Sol. Amanokawa Hiro took the chance to sync with Regulusmon to bring back Canoweissmon, which led to all of them being sent into Gammamon's internal world. There, the heroes convinced Bloom Lordmon to let them go so they could fight Regulusmon, as it was something they had to do, and Bloom Lordmon was wounded from the previous fight. While he agreed and did so, he made it clear that this did not make them allies, and Hiro told him he'd let them pass.

Bloom Lordmon in Digimon Ghost Game.


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