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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Petally Carnage [3] ペタリーカーネイジ Petarī Kāneji Petal Carnage[5] Disperses a large amount of explosive pollen from the petals around its neck.
Tropical Venom [3] トロピカルヴェノム Toropikaru Venomu Tropical Venom[5] A gas spewed out of its mouth which causes those who inhale it to melt into mush from within.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

In "Strike! The Killer Shot", a Toropiamon alongside its Flymon underlings took over the island of the Pomumon, as well as turning them into fruits against their will. One Pomumon was saved by Takenouchi Sora and Birdramon, who led Sora and Yagami Taichi to Toropiamon. Toropiamon fought against Metal Greymon and Garudamon, turning the former as well as Taichi into fruit, then fought evenly with Garudamon alone, but was hit by Sora's soccer shot as well as the Pomumon's Rapid Seed sealing its mouth and Tropical Venom attack, allowing both Perfect-level Digimon to defeat it.

Toropiamon and some Flymon from Digimon Adventure:
Garudamon fighting Toropiamon in Digimon Adventure:

Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

A Toropiamon covered a mall in a poison cloud from the mall's roof, which caused those that breathed it to spew fire and ultimately lose consciousness, putting their lives at risk, in "Monster Pollen". Several Kodokugumon decided to take advantage of it, absorbing his poison and infecting the people inside the mall with it to grow in power, even though Toropiamon himself disliked them. To protect a little girl he found in the mall, Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro, himself poisoned, created a pseudo-Digital World to isolate the mall, which angered Toropiamon, and he then fought Kiyoshiro and Tesla Jellymon, overpowering them until Kiyoshiro found his courage while being near-death, causing Tesla Jellymon to super-evolve into Thetismon, who could counter Toropiamon's poison and create an antidote for it. Afterwards, Toropiamon explained that he created the poison cloud to contact his friends as he was lost. His friends, other Toropiamon, then arrived and he left with them, with Kiyoshiro explaining to him that his poison was harmful to humans and he should use it in a deserted area next time.

Toropiamon from Digimon Ghost Game
Toropiamon using Tropical Venom


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  1. Although this Digimon is labeled 'Toropiamon' on its analyzer screen, it is referred to as 'Tropiamon' by Sora.