Digimon Pendulum Z II

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Digimon Pendulum Z II
Series Digimon Pendulum
Colors Blue/Red/Yellow
Release Date Japan March 17 2021
United States April 2021 (Premium Bandai USA, Japanese version)
Language Japanese
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Digimon Pendulum Z II (デジモンペンデュラムZ II Dejimon Pendyuramu Z II) is a brand new Digital Monster Virtual Pet.


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See: Folder Continent Report

As predicted in this investigation, the data of ancient Digimon has been confirmed in the new species of Digimon. The data of Ancient Irismon and Ancient Troiamon was found in the "Wind Guardians" Digimon. Fragments of data thought to be that of Ancient Wisemon were extracted from the "Metal Empire" Digimon, and fragments of data thought to be that of Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon were extracted from the "Virus Busters".

It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that the data, which can be said to be the DNA of these ancient Digimon, was discovered all at once. A reaction, suspected to be the Digimon known as the "Four Holy Beasts" who maintain the order of the Digital World, has also been confirmed during our investigation of Folder Continent, and there is no doubt that some changes are starting to happen in this world.

In addition to reviving the data of Ancient Species, it is not hard to imagine that an unprecedented chaos will arrive if those considered to be Gods of this world create a stir. And transcendent beings will also appear along with that chaos…

This will be a break from our investigation of Folder Continent, but information on the newly observed Digimon and their ecosystems will continue in the dock and we will be carrying on with our research.


Image Gallery[edit]

200x200px Pendulumz windguardians.jpg Pendulumz metalempire.jpg Pendulumz virusbusters.jpg
Digimon Pendulum Z Wind Guardians Metal Empire Virus Busters


Wind Guardians
Metal Empire
Virus Busters



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