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Series Digivice Toy
Release Date Japan January 2021
United States March 2021
Language Japanese
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Partner Digimon[edit]

Special Evolution[edit]

Dark Line


Kizuna Evolution



  1. A Button is top right, B Button is bottom right while the button on the left is two buttons, up and down.
  2. The pedometer function will only work between the in game clock hours of 8 AM - 9 PM. The Digimon will be sleeping otherwise and can be woken up but the function will be disabled during this time. Changing the clock time can allow the pedometer to function again. The pedometer will also not function while an injured Digimon is present after losing a battle.
  3. While on the clock screen, pressing down and B together will allow the user to reset the clock
  4. The small button at the back of the Digivice is the reset button. When pressed, the Digivice will reset to the Bandai Logo, and the player will be given the option to Load or Reset the game.
  5. Pressing "B" at the walk screen once will display remaining steps to clear the area and pressing it once more will display total lifetime steps.
  6. Every 100 steps will add 1x DP to your DP count.
  7. Pressing "A" and "B" at the same time will bring up the option to unmute/mute. The top option retains sound and the bottom option mutes sound.
  8. Leaving your Digivice for long periods of time will cause the selected partner Digimon to turn away from you the next time the screen turns on. This has no effect on gameplay and is purely aesthetic.

Partner Digimon[edit]

One of the following can be selected at the start:

  • Agumon
  • Piyomon
  • Gabumon
  • Tentomon
  • Gomamon
  • Palmon
  • Patamon

All other partners will be available to unlock in HELP WAVE events. Tailmon, Wizarmon, Meicoomon and Hackmon can be unlocked from a HELP WAVE event. V-dramon was replaced with Meicoomon in this version while Hackmon is only available to unlock from a HELP WAVE event after the game is complete.

All first Digivolutions can be unlocked by connecting to the Digimon Analyzer.

  • 10 Battle Win for Adult, 15(+10) Battle Win for Perfect, 15(+15+10) Battle Win for Ultimate. Link Battles with other Digivices count.
    • Another 15(+15+15+10) Battle Win for Omegamon for Agumon/Gabumon.
      • Omegamon is only available when both Agumon and Gabumon have been recruited, each with a total of 55 Battle Win (55+55=110 together).

However, there are special requirements that can only be done in-game in order to obtain special evolutions.

  • Dark Evolution Line
The dark evolution lines can only be obtained if either Agumon or Gabumon lost to any fight at any stage twice. If either one loses again twice, they will revert back to their regular evolution lines. Omegamon, Omegamon: Merciful Mode, Agumon -Yuki no Kizuna- and Gabumon -Yujo no Kizuna- are not available when both are in their dark lines. This evolution line is only available once either Agumon or Gabumon have been recruited and reached their Ultimate stage with the Omegamon requirement unlocked.
  • Omegamon: Merciful Mode
Beating Ofanimon: Falldown Mode as Omegamon (as either Agumon or Gabumon) will unlock Omegamon: Merciful Mode. This only needs to be done once.
  • Agumon -Yuki no Kizuna- and Gabumon -Yujo no Kizuna-
Beating Eosmon (Perfect) as Omegamon will unlock Agumon -Yuki no Kizuna- or Gabumon -Yujo no Kizuna- depending if Agumon or Gabumon fought it as Omegamon. Both must defeat Eosmon (Perfect) separately in order to unlock each form.

Partner Digimon Stats[edit]

  • Child Digimon: 3 HP/1 ATK
4 HP/2 ATK after a HELP WAVE duplicate battle
Hackmon: 4 HP/2 ATK
5 HP/3 ATK after a HELP WAVE duplicate battle
  • Adult Digimon: 5 HP/2 ATK
Tailmon and Wizarmon: 5 HP/2 ATK
6 HP/3 ATK after a HELP WAVE duplicate battle
Meicoomon: 5 HP/3 ATK
6 HP/4 ATK after HELP WAVE duplicate battle.
Bao Hackmon: 5 HP/3 ATK
  • Perfect Digimon: 6 HP/4 ATK
  • Ultimate Digimon: 7 HP/4 ATK
JESmon: 7 HP/5 ATK
  • Omegamon: 8 HP/6 ATK
  • Omegamon: Merciful Mode: 8 HP/7 ATK
  • Agumon -Yuki no Kizuna-/Gabumon -Yujo no Kizuna-: 8 HP/8 ATK


A HELP WAVE pops up every 3000 steps, with some variation. To fill up the HELP WAVE bar, place the Digivice near anything with AM radio waves such as wireless devices/phones/computers. Whether or not there is a Digimon to save, there will always be a Digimon to battle. The Digimon to battle in the HELP WAVE can be something you've seen in the area or another unique Digimon.

All base forms of Partner Digimon can gain an additional +1 HP and +1 ATK one time only by battling and beating their duplicates in the HELP WAVE. The duplicate will have +1 HP and +1 ATK; beating it nets your partner the same bonus.

Area Enemies[edit]

The enemies are fairly similar to the Version 1 Digivice with some changes.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

  1. Map 1
    1. Area 1: Shellmon, Gizamon, Kunemon - Boss: Kuwagamon
    2. Area 2: Centalmon, Leomon, Orgemon - Boss: Devimon
    3. Area 3: Whamon, Bakemon, Gazimon - Boss: Cockatrimon
    4. Area 4: Kuwagamon, Nanomon - Boss: Etemon
  2. Map 2
    1. Area 1: Pico Devimon, Tonosama Gekomon - Boss: Mammon
    2. Area 2: Dark Tyranomon, Raremon, Death Meramon - Boss: Vamdemon
    3. Area 3: Pico Devimon, Bakemon, Vamdemon - Boss: Venom Vamdemon
  3. Map 3
    1. Area 1: Anomalocarimon, Hangyomon, Shellmon - Boss: Metal Seadramon
    2. Area 2: Gazimon, Gerbemon - Boss: Parrotmon
    3. Area 3: Gerbemon, Jyureiymon, Metal Etemon - Boss: Pinochimon
    4. Area 4: Megadramon, Tankmon - Boss: Mugendramon
    5. Area 5: Lady Devimon, Waru Monzaemon, Evilmon - Boss: Piemon
    6. Area 6: Metal Seadramon, Piemon, Mugendramon - Boss: Apocalymon

Our War Game[edit]

Internet Area: Keramon, Infermon - Boss: Diablomon


  1. Area 1: Kuwagamon, Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode, Alphamon - Boss: Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode
  2. Area 2: Raguelmon, Ofanimon: Falldown Mode, JESmon - Boss: Ordinemon

Last Evolution: Kizuna[edit]

Never-Ever Land: Parrotmon, Eosmon (Adult), Eosmon (Perfect) - Boss: Eosmon (Ultimate)

Digimon Battle[edit]

Win/Loss Ratio is not viewable or recorded, and does not affect gameplay. Losing a battle sends you back 500 steps from the end of an area. Winning a battle can yield one of three items:

  1. Meat: Adds 2 DP to the DP Meter.
  2. Protein Pill: Increases HP by 1 for any number of battles until the Partner Digimon gets hit.
  3. P-Drug: One-hit kill for the next battle. Not usable in boss fights.

On the battle screen, there are four options. Pressing B when the battle is encountered results in an automatic loss. From top to bottom:

  • Attack

After selecting this option, the screen will go to "READY" and tapping the A button 15+ times usually results in your Digimon attacking first. Only the Digimon that gets to attack first gets to attack at all. After 3 turns, if both Digimon still have HP, the one with the most HP remaining wins. In game, a tie HP results in your win.

  • Evolve

Evolve to either Adult (3 DP per evolution) or Warp Evolve to Ultimate (7 DP per warp). The player has the choice to evolve their partner Digimon to the Adult or Ultimate stage. The player can only achieve the Ultimate stage by selecting the Ultimate stage. Selecting the Adult stage allows the Digimon to evolve again to Perfect stage but will not be able to evolve further.

For Agumon and Gabumon, they can only achieve Omegamon and Omegamon: Merciful Mode by selecting either War Greymon or Metal Garurumon and evolving further. For the Kizuna forms, it becomes a third option at Child stage should the player meet the requirements for both of them, along with Omegamon: Merciful Mode for Omegamon.

  • Partner

Change the Digimon in the battle with another recruited partner Digimon. After selecting a different Digimon, it will immediately go to the "READY" screen.

  • Flee

Results in either an automatic win or loss.


After beating the final area in the game, a few features change:

  • The counter for steps remaining to clear area changes to "C." You can still enter any area of any map and encounter the enemy Digimon of the area or HELP WAVES.
  • Hackmon becomes available to recruit from the HELP WAVE. Whether or not Hackmon will appear is random, but all confirmed reports so far state that the first HELP WAVE after clearing the final area will contain Hackmon.
  • Pressing "B" now also displays remaining partners that have not been saved from the HELP WAVE. This counter will appear between what was previously remaining area steps (now "C") and lifetime total steps (which will remain unchanged). This counter will also become "C" after all the remaining partners have been saved.
  • Resetting the device and loading up your save automatically places you back into the final map and area after you set the time, regardless of where you were before.

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